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 Prateeksha Pathak

Prateeksha Pathak

Research student,


I completed my BA in English Literature (2013-2016) and my MA in English Litertature (2016-2018) at the University of Delhi in India. After that, I moved to Wales in 2019 to study further, and am currently a postgraduate researcher at Cardiff University. My current research examines the role of material culture in narrating the anecdotes of the survivors of ethnic cleansing in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.


Research interests

  • Material Culture

  • Trauma and Memory studies

  • Postcolonial literature

  • Kashmiri literature


Kashmir Untold: Alternative Narratives of Kashmiri Migrants

My current research looks at the objects carried or created by people when they were forced to leave their homes in the Valley of Kashmir in 1989. The dissertation is an attempt to understand the role of these silent, mundane articles in reviving the memory of the homeland and the trauma of involuntary migration.

Funding source

J.N. TATA Endowment Scholarship


Professor Radhika Mohanram

Professor, English and Critical and Cultural Theory