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Bradley’s Pride

Bradley’s Pride

28 August 2018

Bradley Birkholz (BA 2017) is an LGBT+ creator, activist, and performer – and as Pride Cymru comes to Cardiff (24-26 August), he tells us of his personal journey.
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Alumni united in cancer fight

Alumni united in cancer fight

31 July 2018

Faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis, Gareth Dunn (BA 2013)’s first thought was to fight back. With the help of a close-knit group of Cardiff alumni, he has so far raised over £99,000 for cancer research.
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Know your robes

Know your robes

16 July 2018

Graduation is the culmination of years of hard work, and the pageantry and processions rightly celebrate that. But just what is the significance of those robes? Why are some hoods different colours?
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