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A firefighter carrying equipment walks away from a fire engine toward a building.

Our ground-breaking research has improved how the emergency services think, behave, and respond in emergency situations.

Transforming relationships and sex education

Professor EJ Renold’s work has made sure the views of young people are central to new legislation and policies.

Image shows stylised image of a brain cell

Improving opportunities for people with Huntington’s disease through physiotherapy

Our research is empowering people with Huntington’s disease to access exercise and physiotherapy to help manage their symptoms.

aerial view of Cardiff showing teh castle and stadium and environs

Reforming homelessness legislation in Wales

Dr Pete Mackie’s research into Welsh homelessness legislation led to the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, and has informed policy debates in Scotland, Canada, and Australia.

Past case studies

You can view our case studies from previous years.