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Our researchers have developed a new tool which identifies households most in need of support to heat their homes.

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Taking physics to the masses

Our research has helped transform perceptions, teaching practice and public awareness of astronomy.

Improving the effectiveness of antimicrobial wipes in healthcare settings

Professor Jean-Yves Maillard’s research, into the effectiveness of antimicrobial wipes, has led to improved infection control measures and significant commercial growth for a leading manufacturer of anti-bacterial cleaning products.

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Strengthening uptake of the Living Wage across the UK

Research from academics at Cardiff Business School has led to improvements in the working conditions of thousands of people.

Establishing new worldwide standards of care for prostate cancer patients

Our researchers played leading roles in major clinical trials, which improved the treatment of prostate cancer and influenced the way oncologists monitor their patients and use surgery, radiotherapy, and hormone therapy.

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Improving democracy in Wales

Our work on reform of the Senedd, its franchise and electoral system, has led to votes for 16 and 17 year olds, and laid the ground for further substantial reforms to the Senedd’s size and electoral arrangements.

Maximising the benefits of the UK’s wind farms

Our research is helping to modernise energy transmission across the UK and Europe and push us towards the target of net zero carbon emissions.

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Listening to survivors of child sexual exploitation

Dr Sophie Hallett’s pioneering research has made young people’s views integral to decisions on their care.

Pioneering new ways of tackling bacterial contamination

Our research has helped to reduce contamination risk in industry on a global scale.

Protecting communities and preserving environments

Working alongside mining companies all over the world, Professor Wolfgang Maier has helped to prevent the relocation of local communities and protect culturally sensitive land, all whilst providing enormous cost savings.

Carmen Georges Bizet

Transforming performances of Carmen on the global stage

Professor Clair Rowden’s research has generated new ways of thinking about one of the world’s most-performed operas, Carmen.

Scaling-up the environmentally friendly product of Perspex®

Our research provided the global Perspex® industry with a cost-effective production process, which could be used at scale, delivering significant economic and environmental benefits.

Strengthening rights and participation under mental capacity law

Dr Lucy Series and colleagues’ work on the Mental Capacity Act strengthened the rights and participation of people who may be considered to lack capacity to make or participate in decisions about their lives.

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Detecting the DNA of cyberattacks

A collaboration between Professor Pete Burnap and Airbus has led to a completely novel way of detecting and preventing malicious software.

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Shaping broadcasters’ reporting of devolution

Our academics are helping journalists to make sense of the differing COVID-19 rules across the UK.

Improving dementia communication

Professor Alison Wray’s work on how the social and emotional impact of dementia affects communication is helping people with dementia, their families, and professional carers to navigate the communication challenges they face.

Saving metal heritage for future generations

Our research has guided the decisions saving our metal heritage, from archaeological repositories – containing millions of artefacts charting human history –to iconic ships, including the Mary Rose, Brunel’s SS Great Britain and the Spanish Armada.

Understanding postpartum psychosis

Mothers at risk of developing this severe psychiatric disorder are being better supported due to the work of Professor Ian Jones and his team.

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Informing Muslims about organ donation

Dr Mansur Ali is helping fellow Muslims explore their faith’s stance on these life-saving procedures.

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Reshaping perceptions of the Second World War in France

Individuals’ personal experiences are central to new understandings of this crucial period in history.

Image shows stylised image of a brain cell

Improving opportunities for people with Huntington’s disease through physiotherapy

Our research is empowering people with Huntington’s disease to access exercise and physiotherapy to help manage their symptoms.

Transforming relationships and sex education

Professor EJ Renold’s work has made sure the views of young people are central to new legislation and policies.


Saving lives with maths

Innovative mathematical modelling is delivering improved cancer outcomes, ambulance response times, and a new NHS contact service.

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Reforming homelessness legislation in Wales

Dr Pete Mackie’s research into Welsh homelessness legislation led to the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, and has informed policy debates in Scotland, Canada, and Australia.

A firefighter carrying equipment walks away from a fire engine toward a building.

Improving decision-making in the emergency services

Our ground-breaking research has improved how the emergency services think, behave, and respond in emergency situations.

Past case studies

You can view our case studies from previous years.