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Explore undergraduate subjects

Accounting and finance

Our accredited programmes will help you develop the professional knowledge and skills to make your mark in the global accounting and finance arena.

Archaeology and conservation

Our widely-respected practical degrees deliver the training, skills and knowledge to help you make your mark within the heritage sector, plus the employability skills to carve out your career in related fields.


We are a leading school of architecture with a commitment to helping to create a built environment that enhances people’s lives, without destroying the planet for future generations.


Our Biochemistry degree offers extensive hands-on training and embraces contemporary research in important new areas such as genomics, synthetic biology and protein engineering.

Biological sciences

The rich ecology of Wales provides the perfect environment to develop and hone your skills as a biologist. Combining scientific theory and practical lab and field work, this fascinating subject will give you a greater understanding of the world around you and how it works.

Biomedical sciences

Explore the biological science that underpins all medicine and medical research, and gain experience of contemporary topics and techniques.

Business management

Our flexible programmes will help you develop the professional knowledge and skills to make your mark in a competitive global business environment.


Our degree programmes combine theory with hands-on lab experience and the opportunity to work in industry or study abroad as part of your degree.

Computer science

We aim to share the excitement of current technological trends with our students through our dynamic portfolio of contemporary and employability-focused degrees, educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders in the sought-after fields of computer science and software engineering.


Discover your potential and take your education further by joining our innovative school with a family-feel.

Earth and environmental sciences

Gain the scientific knowledge and skills required to impact key environmental developments and decisions and learn how to preserve our planet for generations to come.


Look at economics in the context of contemporary national and international socio-economic challenges.


Engineering is a discipline dedicated to problem solving and improving the world around us. Our students combine science and mathematics with creativity in design to develop new products, processes and structures.

English language and literature

Explore the diversity of English literature across the chronological span, making lively connections with all forms of culture. Or choose to investigate the human capacity for language with a rigorous grounding in all the key aspects of language analysis.

Geography (human) and planning

Passionate about tackling global social, political, economic and development challenges to improve where and how we live? Our human geography and planning programmes are the choice for you.

Geography (physical)

Explore the landscapes, climate and the dynamic physical processes that shape the Earth's surface, with a focus on the global challenges facing our oceans or the effect humans are having on our planet.

Geology and geoscience

Explore the structure, evolution and dynamics of Earth and its natural mineral and energy resources. Find out how processes, such as landslides, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, change the world around us.

History and ancient history

Investigate past worlds and expand your understanding of historical change in our highly regarded programmes, taught by experts sharing their passion and new insights from their latest research.

Journalism, media and culture

Join us to study issues such as the impact of social media, the role of corporate communications or why in the era of ‘fake news’ quality journalism matters more than ever.


Join the only Russell Group university to offer the full range of academic and vocational courses in the field of law.


Our internationally recognised research helps to inform our portfolio of intellectually exciting and flexible degrees, allowing you to follow your mathematical interests as you develop your professional and mathematical skills, preparing you for a variety of exciting careers.

Medical pharmacology

Medicines: How are they discovered and developed? Why do we need them? What do they do and how do they work?


Interested in becoming a doctor? We have lots of useful information about studying Medicine at Cardiff University to get you started.


Our Midwifery programme is 1st in Wales and 3rd in the UK.

Modern languages and translation

Join one of the most dynamic language schools in the UK and become part of our close-knit, global community.


We offer thorough musical training and stimulating artistic and academic study in a friendly, collegiate and creative environment.


Using a combination of biological and psychological approaches, our research-led Neuroscience degree explores the mysteries of the human brain.


Nursing is a rich, diverse and varied career. Nurses use their expertise and skills to make a genuine difference to the lives of patients and their families.

Occupational therapy

Our Occupational Therapy programme is ranked 1st in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2023.


Our MOptom programmes provide you with the scientific and clinical knowledge to become a registered optometrist with the General Optical Council and enjoy a rewarding career in optometry. We offer more than just an education, as you will contribute to cutting-edge research and give back to communities through outreach programmes and on-site eye clinics.


We are passionate about the pharmacy profession and proud to be one of the top schools of pharmacy in the UK. Our MPharm programme is designed to allow you to explore different aspects of modern pharmacy in preparation for your future career. We hope you’ll join our warm and welcoming community as you begin your exciting journey to improve patients’ lives.


Considering the great philosophical puzzles past and present, we'll teach you to analyse and construct complex chains of reasoning to address complicated questions from history and the here and now.

Physics and astronomy

We are at the forefront of some of today's most exciting scientific discoveries which will provide you with an inspiring environment in which to study.


Our programme is ranked 1st in Wales and 3rd in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2021.

Politics and international relations

Join one of the largest Politics and International Relations departments in the UK.


If you are curious about how the mind works, then psychology is for you. Here at Cardiff University, we offer two undergraduate courses: a three-year Psychology BSc and a four-year Psychology with Professional Placement BSc.


Our Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging programme is ranked 1st in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2021.


Our programme is ranked 1st in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2021.

Religious studies and theology

Explore the histories, cultures and beliefs of major and less well-known religious traditions, taking your pick of approaches with our richly rewarding degrees.

Social sciences

Study in a dynamic, interdisciplinary and innovative School of Social Sciences with an international reputation for research excellence.


What kind of experience can you expect studying Welsh in the capital city? The answer, like the subject, is diverse, exciting and constantly evolving.


Study the broad field of animal biology or opt to specialise in a particular area of interest with our flexible and interdisciplinary Zoology degree.