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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Access our academic skills and expertise to help improve your competitiveness, productivity and performance.

About KTPs

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme creates a dynamic three way partnership between a business, a specialist academic team and a talented graduate or post graduate (the Associate). KTPs aim to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills within the UK knowledge base.

The Associate works within your organisation on a project central to your needs and are jointly supervised by company personnel and a senior academic.

The programme, funded by UKRI through Innovate UK, has been running for over 45 years and during that time has enabled more than 14,000 businesses to drive innovation for positive impact. KTN is a delivery partner of the programme, providing expert support to all KTP projects and Associates via its national network of 31 Knowledge Transfer Advisers.

A KTP is part-funded by a grant. You will need to contribute to the salary of the Associate plus the cost of the supervisor who will oversee the scheme.

The amount you will need to contribute depends on the scale and length of the project. It will also depend on the size of your company. Typically:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises contribute around £30,000 per year, about one-third of the project costs
  • large businesses contribute around £45,000 per year, or half of the project costs

Third Sector funding

Third sector businesses of any size may receive a grant contribution of up to 75% of eligible project costs from Innovate UK, subject to a cap, with the business paying the balance. This is a long-term commitment from KTP to help increase the numbers of projects from 3rd Sector businesses.

Management KTPS

Alongside the standard KTP sits the mKTP which aims to help businesses improve their efficiency and productivity through the better use of knowledge and expertise by specialist Academic teams in the UK's world class Knowledge Bases.

Benefits to your business

A KTP offers an alternative option to consultancy or student placements, leading to a wide range of benefits including:

  • increased profitability
  • improved performance
  • competitive advantage
  • process enhancement
  • reduction in costs

We have an extensive track record of successful KTPs and award-winning projects.

We received great support from the University, enhancing our knowledge throughout the development of this research area but also practically, embedding capability that enables us to continue to produce innovative products and remain UK market leader. Working with Cardiff University has enabled us to be an integral part of innovative research.

Guy Braverman Director and Co-Founder of GAMA Healthcare

Get involved

If you are interested in exploring a KTP then please contact us.