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A scientist carrying out an experiment in a laboratory

Partnership to create technology for sustainable chemical industry

9 July 2024

EPSRC grant to bring together expertise and facilities across UK and Europe

Supreme Court in the USA

US abortion rulings: Legal-linguistic analysis of amicus briefs shows loss of agency for women on both sides of the debate

3 July 2024

Academics studied hundreds of documents submitted in response to Roe v. Wade and other landmark cases

Professor Julie Williams

“Hugely thankful for her vision and leadership”

3 July 2024

Professor Julie Williams, founding director of Cardiff University’s UK DRI steps down after seven years in post

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Long reads

Improving dementia communication

Professor Alison Wray’s work on how the social and emotional impact of dementia affects communication is helping people with dementia, their families, and professional carers to navigate the communication challenges they face.

stock shot muslims praying

Informing Muslims about organ donation

Dr Mansur Ali is helping fellow Muslims explore their faith’s stance on these life-saving procedures.

A group of school children

Taking physics to the masses

Our research has helped transform perceptions, teaching practice and public awareness of astronomy.

Understanding postpartum psychosis

Mothers at risk of developing this severe psychiatric disorder are being better supported due to the work of Professor Ian Jones and his team.

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