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Together our researchers are helping to create a stronger, healthier and more sustainable world.

Cardiff Catalysis Institute masthead

Cardiff Catalysis Institute

We are improving the understanding of catalysis, developing new catalytic processes with industry and promoting the use of catalysis as a sustainable 21st century technology.

Digital Transformation Innovation Institute

Leading the transformation to a secure, fair, and resilient digital age for all.

Blue space nebula

Institute for Compound Semiconductors

The Institute for Compound Semiconductors has established a world class compound semiconductor research and small scale manufacturing facility.

Researchers working in a busy chemistry lab

Medicines Discovery Institute

Translating biomedical research into new medicines for unmet clinical needs.

Net Zero Innovation Institute

Providing solutions for a net zero future.

neurons blue

Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovation Institute

Innovating for healthy brains and minds.

Security, Crime, and Intelligence Innovation Institute

Evidence-led insights, intelligence, and innovation for a safe, secure world.

Systems Immunity Research Institute

Systems Immunity Research Institute

Understanding immunity, enabling cures.

Masthead for Sustainable Waters Research Institute

Water Research Institute

Addressing the grand challenge of sustaining water for people and ecosystems in a changing world.