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Why work with us?

Whether you need to nurture your workforce talent, make use of new technology, or access our skilled researchers, we can help your business be a success.

We have long-term relationships with small local companies, global multinationals, government organisations and charities, all of whom have benefited from our unrivalled skills, technology and research capability.

World-class talent

The Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory
Inside the lightning test chamber - a 100,000 amp strike to a panel of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic.

Our researchers have worked with businesses and the third sector to make a global impact, including reshaping the way the BBC reports, improving nuclear waste disposal and making major breakthroughs in genetics.

We connect industry with our academics, tackling the needs of businesses and accelerating the translation of our innovations into new products and technologies, services, spin-outs and start-ups in Wales and globally.

We are a top 20 university in the UK,  with 90% of our research confirmed as world-leading or internationally excellent by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021.

Our students are encouraged to create jobs, not just seek jobs. Through work-based experience, industry-focused degree programmes, and management and executive education, we provide a steady stream of highly-skilled graduates to businesses in Wales and beyond. Our enterprising graduates have established 135 start-up companies in the last four years.

Key player

The university is the size of a small town, with a turnover of some £400m per annum. Our several hundred technologies and many research facilities are ready to help you achieve your goals. Our Innovation Campus is transforming our working culture, creating a hub for research and development activity in Wales. Our emphasis on the social value of innovation is reflected in our creation of the world's first social science research park. We also hire out accommodation and conference facilities.

We are committed to fostering economic growth and social progress in Wales, reinforcing our civic responsibility. We are experts at turning our world-leading research into commercial success, responsible for 96.8% of all intellectual property profit generated by Welsh universities.

We are a member of GW4, which brings together the South West and Wales' four leading, research-intensive universities and has a combined turnover of more than £1 billion, giving us access to more facilities and complementary expertise.

We make a significant contribution to the UK economy, with our total economic impact on the UK in 2020-21 — at the height of the pandemic — estimated at almost £3.7 billion.

Dedicated business engagement team

We know that one size does not 'fit all', and that every business has a different need. Our business engagement team will tailor services to meet your needs. We can bring solutions to your challenges, and help you to achieve your business and strategic goals.

From short-term projects (such as seeking immediate solutions to manufacturing or operational problems) to assistance with long-term projects on process enhancement, we are the university to work with to support your business.

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.