Our economic and social impact

We have a significant economic and social impact on Wales and the UK as a whole, contributing in areas such as employment, research funding and teaching and learning activities.

  • £6.36generated for every £1 we spend

A report produced by London Economics in November 2016 shows that in 2014-15, we contributed almost £3bn to the UK economy, an increase of almost 10 per cent from 2012-13. This report was the first comprehensive analysis of the university’s total economic and social impact.

Total economic impact associated with Cardiff University, 2012-13 and 2014-15

Research and knowledge transfer

Building on our top 5 ranking in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, it is estimated that our research activity added £664.1m to the University's contribution to the UK economy, or 23% of our total economic impact.

Research income was generated from both direct research and productivity spillovers (knowledge generated through research activities of the University enhancing the productivity of other agents or firms).

  • £664.1mresearch contribution to UK economy

Knowledge transfer partnerships, such as that between Cardiff University and IQE in the Institute for Compound Semiconductors, strengthen our close industry connections, allowing our research to be translated into real-world applications and large-scale mass production to bridge the gap from early research to commercialisation.

The transformation of a disused former industrial space into the £300m Innovation Campus will bring researchers, businesses, public sector backers and students together to unlock ideas that drive economic growth. With some development already complete, more is to follow, including collaborative spaces and a bridge over the railway running alongside Park Place, to connect the innovation campus to the Cardiff Business School.

These collaborations will forge processes that create technological innovations, spin-out companies, partnerships and new products and services.

Teaching and learning

The value of our teaching and learning activities was around £966.2m in 2014-15, or 33% of the total economic impact.

With over 5,000 overseas students starting a qualification with us in 2014-15, £217.2m of economic activity is generated through educational exports, an increase of 60% over the previous two years.

UK domiciled Cardiff University 2014-15 cohort by qualification aim

Wider social impact

Some examples of our social impact:

  • 11,311jobs supported by the University
  • our Transforming Communities programme consists of five key projects, with the common aim of bringing long lasting benefits to Welsh, national and international communities
  • the University's activities support a total of 11,311 jobs throughout the UK, of which almost 10,000 are in Wales
  • the Creative Cardiff initiative aims to connect people working in creative organisations and businesses in the Cardiff region, and to encourage them to work together across sectors. There is also a 300-strong membership of the Creative Cardiff Research Network.