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Funding for pilot projects

As part of our Innovation For All scheme, we're supporting a range of innovative projects that work with local communities and partners to address issues around health, the environment, education and the economy, to help rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The projects cover an impressive array of activities from school and community-developed wellbeing initiatives to cyber-security awareness, and small business COVID-19 recovery.

Projects supported through the Innovation For All scheme

The Shadow of the Crane

Re-engaging children in learning through drama.

Representing public feeling in tax reform

Giving a voice to people under-represented in the tax reform debate.

Raising cyber security awareness in Cardiff and Wales

Building cyber security skills among young people and the local community.

Trade Justice Wales

Giving Welsh civic society a voice in trade policy and agreements.

Valleys Green Space

Improving health and wellbeing through community green spaces.

Treorchy's Digital Community: The road to COVID-19 recovery

A digital platform to support small businesses.

Understanding Muslims' Mental Health

Reducing inequalities in mental health support.

A Real Difference - Gwahaniaeth Mawr

Translating medical texts in Welsh.

Beyond Policing: Exploring alternatives for Wales

Bringing people together to explore race, policing and injustice.

Building international languages in Welsh primary schools

Providing resources to help teachers deliver international language lessons.

Laughing all the Way to Better Wellbeing in Childhood

Improving childhood wellbeing through play and humour.

Creating a child-friendly community in Grangetown

Giving young people a voice in creating a pandemic recovery plan for their community.

Connecting children in Llanelli with science and nature

A project surveying flora and fauna and the impact of climate change.

Sharing and repairing at Cardiff University

A project to reduce the use and waste of consumer goods at Cardiff University

Creating climate change champions of the future in South Wales

Developing climate literacy and climate change solutions.

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For more information about the Innovation For All scheme or any of the projects we are supporting, please get in touch:

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