Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Yr Ysgol Cemeg

Mae ein gwaith ymchwil ac addysg ar flaen y gad yn rhyngwladol ac yn canolbwyntio ar fynd i’r afael â heriau gwyddonol pwysig yr 21ain ganrif.

Cemeg PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
Bioleg Gemegol PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
Catalysis yn Sefydliad Catalysis Caerdydd PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
Cemeg Anorganig PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
Cemeg Ddamcaniaethaol a Chyfrifiadurol PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
Cemeg Organig Ffisegol PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
Deunyddiau Cyflwr Solid PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
Synthesis Organig PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, Rhan amser
A heterogeneous journey from biomass to chemicals: Modelling insights
Advancing the CLASSIC NMR Strategy to Understand Fundamentals of Crystallization Processes
Asymmetric catalysis using environmentally benign calcium complexes
Cemeg Fiolegol
Computation-led materials design for heterogeneous catalytic applications
Computer simulation of metal-amyloid interaction and its role in plaque formation
Controlling nanoparticle morphology through chemical doping
Design and Application of Heavy Atom-Free and Redox-Active Organic Triplet Photosensitizers
Detection of reaction intermediates in catalytic reactions by microwave perturbed electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy
Deunyddiau ac ynni
Drug binding affinity predictions to achieve targeted drug discovery
Electrocatalysis in Iodine-based Oxidations
Electrochemical Generation and Utilization of N- and O-Centered Radicals
Excited States and Radical Behaviour: Interrogation of Light-Induced Chemical Processes via Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopy
Expanding the scope of powder X-ray diffraction: Development and application of next-generation methodology for structure determination
Gwyddoniaeth Ryngwynebol a Chatalysis
Identification of bacterial post-translational modifications that regulate antimicrobial resistance
Investigating the use of photoactive crystalline porous materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as a platform for nanofluidic devices
Large Scale Production of Antibacterial Peptides by a Synthetic Biology Approach
New directions in cooperative catalysis
Photoresponsive metal-organic frameworks with light-dependent gas uptake
Project SAMSA - Smart Analytical Materials for Supertoxic Agents
Sbectrosgopeg a dynameg
Synthesis moleciwlaidd
Tailoring molecular functions by boron-nitrogen doping of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Tailoring molecular functions by O-annulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
The Productive Merger of the Borrowing Hydrogen Principle with Organocatalysis
Time resolved spectroscopy for 21st century materials


Dyfarniad Dyddiad Cau
KESS2 East PhD in Chemistry: Synthesis of thermochromic Spin Crossover (SCO) molecules 31 May 2019
PhD mewn Cemeg: Gwyddoniaeth Gatalytig 31 August 2019
PhD iCase EPSRC mewn Cemeg: Synthesis o hybridiau moleciwlaidd boron-nitrid-garbon ar gyfer rhaglenni rheoli synhwyro a thermol 31 August 2019