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Ffisiotherapi (MSc)

Fel ffisiotherapydd cymwys, bydd yr MSc yn eich galluogi chi i ddatblygu sgiliau gwerthfawr fydd yn eich helpu chi i ddatblygu yn eich proffesiwn, p’un a ydych chi’n chwilio am ddyrchafiad o fewn ymarfer clinigol neu symud i academia neu ymchwil.

This MSc is for qualified physiotherapists who want to further their skills and expertise in order to progress within the profession at a university ranked in the top 10 in the UK.

Developments within the allied health professions, like the emergence of clinical specialists, extended scope practitioners and consultant therapists, have created a need for the acquisition of advanced knowledge and skills.  This course has a flexible portfolio of modules that can be tailored to meet your individual needs and develop your knowledge and skills in areas such as research, education, leadership and management, and clinical practice, which are necessary to become an expert practitioner.

The programme aims to develop your evaluative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to increase your practical and theoretical knowledge of physiotherapy, so that you can apply these skills in the further advancement of your profession, service provision and patient care.

The course is suited to UK-based and international physiotherapists at any stage of their career (including newly qualified physiotherapists).

Full-time students complete their taught modules in one academic year, with a further six months for the dissertation.

Nodweddion unigryw

  • The opportunity to learn in a School consistently ranked in the top ten in the UK for physiotherapy by both the Complete University Guide and the Times Good University Guide

  • The flexibility to align with various career pathways, so that the route of study can be tailored to individual needs.

  • Free bespoke In-sessional English Language Course to support Healthcare International students

  • The opportunity to work with internationally renowned researchers, including Professor Robert van Deursen, Professor Nicola Phillips, and Dr Val Sparkes, as well as clinicians who are Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners in their speciality

  • Acquisition of high quality clinical reasoning skills and the development of innovative ideas.

  • A compulsory ‘Study Skills at M Level’ module to assist students in developing academic skills and promote confidence in their Masters study.

Ffeithiau allweddol

Nifer Myfyrwyr newydd nesafMedi 2020
Hyd18 mis
FfurfAmser llawn
Ffyrdd eraill i astudio cwrs hwn
Academic Tutor contact(s)

Meini prawf derbyn

  • A degree in Physiotherapy (UK diploma or equivalent in Physiotherapy). Only qualified physiotherapists are eligible to apply.
  • Clinical experience is not a requirement of the course. However applicants with 0-2 years clinical experience will have a limited choice of modules.
  • Students whose first language is not English will be required to pass an IELTS test. You will require IELTS 6.5 overall (with no less than 5.5 in any subsection).  Please note that applicants with an IELTS scores overall 6 may be eligible for an offer based upon attendance on pre-sessional English language course.  Please be advised that places on these courses are limited so please apply early. 

Note: International students pursuing part-time programmes of study are not eligible for Tier 4 (General Student) visas and must have alternative leave to remain in the UK if they intend to study at the University in person.

The personal statement on your application form will be considered when a judgement is made on your suitability for the programme for which you have applied.

You must address the following points in your personal statement, this list is not exhaustive:

  • Why have you selected this programme?
  • Any relevant experience related to the programme or module content.
  • How you plan to use the qualification in your career.

Please submit your application via the Cardiff University Online Application Service.

The optimal date for applications for Physiotherapy is the end of July of each academic year. Your application will be considered after this date but it may be for a later intake.

Rhagor o wybodaeth am ofynion Iaith Saesneg.

Mae'n rhaid i ymgeiswyr sydd angen fisa Haen 4 i astudio yn y DU gyflwyno cymhwyster iaith Saesneg derbyniol er mwyn bodloni gofynion UKVI (Fisâu a Mewnfudo y DU).

The MSc Physiotherapy programme is modular and students must complete four modules (30 credits each) in the taught component of the course; one of the modules is a compulsory research module and there is a choice of 2 from the pathway specific modules and 1 from the optional modules. Further details can be obtained in discussion with the programme manager (joneskj@cf.ac.uk).

The pathway specific modules are HCT021 Science of Performance and Injury in Sport, HCT023 Sport and Exercise Participation, Inter-disciplinary Management and Injury Prevention, HCT139 Musculoskeletal Diagnosis and Treatment, HCT200 Neurorehabilitation: A Theoretical Basis, HCT145 Cardio-respiratory Physiology and Pathophysiology, HCT226 Clinical Kineasiology and Tissue Pathology.The optional modules are NRT 150 Transforming Care, Systems and Services through Leadership, NRT120 Facilitating Learning and Teaching, HCT203 Public Health, Health Economics & Policy, NRT073 Patient Safety and Clinical Risk, HCT199 Evidencing Learning in Specialist Professional Practice, HCT132 Ethics in Health and Social Care

Students undertaking the full-time route will complete 4 modules and the dissertation module over 3 semesters enabling the student to normally complete and submit their dissertation within 18 months of initial registration on the programme. The dissertation module will be undertaken in semester 2.

Physiotherapists can apply for the programme at any stage of their career (this includes newly qualified Physiotherapists).  The programme has a flexible portfolio of modules that can be tailored to meet individual needs and develop the knowledge and skills in the areas such as research, education, leadership and management and clinical practice which are necessasry to become an expert practitioner.

There are a range of optional and programme specific modules available. Your programme team will guide you in identifying and selecting the appropriate and available modules.

Mae'r modiwlau a ddangosir yn esiampl o'r cwricwlwm arferol. Byddant yn cael eu hadolygu cyn blwyddyn academaidd 2020/21. Bydd y modiwlau terfynol yn cael eu cyhoeddi erbyn mis Medi 2020.

Blwyddyn un

Mae'r Brifysgol wedi ymrwymo i ddarparu amrywiaeth eang o opsiynau modiwl lle’n bosibl. Ond byddwch yn ymwybodol er y byddwn yn gwneud pob ymdrech i gynnig dewis, gall hyn gael ei gyfyngu mewn rhai amgylchiadau. Y rheswm am hyn yw'r ffaith mai dim ond nifer cyfyngedig o leoedd sydd ar gael ar rai modiwlau, a gaiff eu dyrannu ar sail y cyntaf i'r felin. Mae'n ofynnol i fodiwlau eraill sicrhau isafswm nifer o fyfyrwyr cyn gallu eu cynnal, er mwyn gwneud yn siŵr y gellir cyflwyno addysg o ansawdd priodol. Gall modiwlau gael eu cyfyngu oherwydd gwrthdaro yn yr amserlen hefyd, ac er bod y Brifysgol yn ymdrechu i amharu cyn lleied â phosibl ar eich dewis, byddai'n syniad da i chi ofyn am gyngor gan yr Ysgol berthnasol am y dewisiadau modiwl sydd ar gael.

Sut y caf fy addysgu?

Teaching is mainly through workshops, tutorials and seminars. There are also lectures, and these are followed up by appropriate opportunity to discuss and evaluate the ideas presented. Content is supported by online resources.

Self-directed study forms an important part of the course, and you will be directed in study skills and guided in the areas for study.

Sut y caf fy nghefnogi?

The University offers a wide range of services and activities designed to support students. These include a student counselling service, a student advisory service, crèche and day facilities, sport and exercise facilities, as well as campus information, library and IT services.

This programme gives you the opportunity to share ideas with health professionals. As well as developing your own intellectual abilities, this sharing of ideas enables you to learn and benefit from the experiences of others. Opportunity is given for this sort of discussion and exchange of ideas through seminars and tutorials.

All students are given a named personal tutor following registration onto the programme, who is able to assist them with any pastoral care as well as advice on writing style, grammar and academic mentoring.

All modules within the programme make extensive use of Cardiff University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Learning Central, on which students will find course materials, links to related materials and assessment exemplars. All lectures are recorded via Panopto and are available to students throughout their programme.

For students whose first language is not English there are open access English Language courses available.

From September 2018 International students will be supported with a bespoke In-sessional English Language programme (10 weeks) in semester 1. This is only available to students in the School of Healthcare Sciences and attendance will be based on need (25 places available). To this end diagnostic testing will take place during the induction week

In addition, there are 5 week open access courses run by Cardiff University which are recruited to on a first come first served basis and cost an administration fee of £25.


We will provide you with feedback on your work in a variety of formats.  These will include oral feedback during lectures, written feedback provided through online module discussion forums, and electronic written feedback on assessed coursework through GradeMark.  You can discuss your overall performance with your personal tutor.  

Sut y caf fy asesu?

You will be assessed through a variety of assessment procedures, such as written assignments, oral presentations, portfolio and work based projects. This enables you to demonstrate your ability at analysing and evaluating a situation but also to use a variety of ways to present your ideas and abilities. The research project is a culmination of the development of all these skills.

Pa sgiliau y byddaf yn eu hymarfer a’u datblygu?

By fully engaging with the course, you should develop the skills and knowledge to:

  • Apply advanced theoretical principles critically, to analyse your professional experience, together with a practical understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry are used to create and interpret knowledge in physiotherapy.
  • Evaluate practice and critically appraise advances or changes in professional practice.
  • Demonstrate self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems and act autonomously in planning and implementing tasks at a professional level based on reflective thinking and problem-solving.
  • Initiate change and lead in the management of change and the advancement of the profession through research.
  • Continue to lead and develop an holistic approach to the patient management and be able to communicate effectively with other health professionals.

Postgraduate level study is essential if you want to progress to advanced and specialist practice. An MSc will enable you to have greater autonomy within your profession, to further your career and take advantage of a greater range of opportunities.

Our modules are designed to complement progression in clinical practice, but also to facilitate a move into academia or research.

Our graduates have gone on to roles including:

  • Clinical specialist

  • Consultant physiotherapist

  • Physiotherapy management positions

  • Physiotherapy and clinical education positions.

  • Lecturer

 “Studying part time for an MSc whilst working in clinical practice within the NHS has given me the best of both worlds. The course has ignited my passion for learning once more and I have taken a huge step in my personal and professional development. I am enjoying studying with a wide range of other therapy and healthcare students, and am looking forward to the opportunity to undertake my own research project in my area of specialism. The modules I am studying are providing me with an in-depth of knowledge which is enhancing my clinical reasoning, leadership and patient management within my practice. I have recently completed a secondment setting up a new local service and look forward to new challenges using skills gained as part of my learning experience.”

MSc Physiotherapy (part time) student (UK)

I am very proud to have studied my MSc in Physiotherapy at Cardiff University. The mode of learning at MSc level in Cardiff is primarily self-directed and I found this to be helpful. Most of the classes are interactive sessions and the lecturers are always available to help students. They are also friendly and easy to approach. Resources such as textbooks and journals are readily available to students and there are various other educational and research facilities and equipment available to aid learning. I found the study environment to be conducive to my learning and this helped me develop my academic writing. Cardiff was a peaceful, friendly and fun place to study.”

Since moving back home I have made significant changes to physiotherapy services in my work area.”

MSc Physiotherapy graduate (Nigeria)

“My decision to come to Cardiff University was definitely the right choice to make, studying the MSc Course has provided me with a myriad of new knowledge and experience which has permitted me to apply for promotion in my home country. Being a paediatric physiotherapist, this course allowed me to gain an in depth insight into different rehab interventions offered to children with various underlying neurological pathologies. The different methods of assessments ensured the course was comprehensive, challenging, purposeful and stimulating in a way that encouraged continuous reflection and improvement in my university performance. Beside that all, Cardiff is the growing and exciting city that every international student is looking for.”

MSc Physiotherapy graduate (Oman)

Being primarily a distance-learning course has meant that I’m able to work alongside my studies, which is beneficial to my pocket. It also provides me with structure, gives me a world outside of studies, and allows me to develop other skills which, depending on your job, supplements my studies. I’m really enjoying the course so far. At the first face-to-face teaching block in Cardiff we met a number of patients and genetic counsellors and covered lots about counselling skills. It is a demanding programme, but the assignments are interesting and serve a purpose - they’re relatable to the role of a genetic counsellor! We have weekly tutorials where we use an online platform to talk with each other and the staff in real time – this is always really helpful. It’s a chance to ask lots of questions and discuss topics / hypothetical scenarios (my favourite part as it makes studying feel more like real life) - and you can even do this in your pyjamas!

Alys, Genetic and Genomic Counselling (MSc)

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Myfyrwyr y DU ac UE (2020/21)

Nid yw ffioedd ar gyfer mynediad 2020/21 ar gael eto.

Myfyrwyr tu allan i'r UE (2020/21)

Nid yw ffioedd ar gyfer mynediad 2020/21 ar gael eto.

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 You do not need to provide any specific equipment.