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Seagrass in Indonesia

Seagrass and Food Security in Indonesia

19 Mehefin 2015

A survey conducted by Dr Leanne Cullen-Unsworth has shown the importance of preserving seagrass in Indonesia.


International Social Business Conference

18 Mehefin 2015

Professor Ken Peattie made a keynote presentation at the second International Social Business Conference.

Project Seagrass

Discover Seagrass

8 Mehefin 2015

Project Seagrass celebrated World Environment Day and World Oceans Day this weekend.

wind turbines

Interdisciplinary Research on Energy Transitions

5 Mehefin 2015

PhD students Alister Forman and Max Lacey-Barnacle are hosting a conference to explore emergent research on energy transitions in the UK context.

Committee on Climate Change

UK Committee on Climate Change

2 Mehefin 2015

Research led by Professor Nick Pidgeon from Cardiff School of Psychology and Sustainable Places affiliate led to the creation of the UK government's Committee on Climate Change.


Household consumption and environmental change: Rethinking the policy problem through narratives of food practice

2 Mehefin 2015

Dr Jessica Paddock's new paper looks at individual practices in relation to unsustainable food consumption.


International Seagrass Biology Workshop 2016

18 Mai 2015

Project Seagrass and the Seagrass Ecosystem Research Group, will be hosting the International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW) in October 2016.

alister's research

Community Energy Initiatives and the Alleviation of Fuel Poverty

13 Mai 2015

Sustainable Places PhD student Alister Forman's new research.


New Funding for sDNA Cycle Model

30 Ebrill 2015

Dr Crispin Cooper gains funding for new research inline with active travel policy in Wales.


What's Working when it comes to Commuting Programs?

14 Ebrill 2015

Dr Daniel Newman takes part in a Huffington Post live discussion about commuting.