Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Professor Alan Lovell

Developing real solutions to real challenges in Wales

12 Mawrth 2014

The Brecon Beacons National Park Authority has signed an agreement with Cardiff University in an exciting step towards developing new applied research in Wales.

Fracnis Maude MP Cardiff University

Mapping cities of the future

7 Mawrth 2014

University research is laying the foundation for more efficient future cities.

Why do we find commuting so horribly stressful?

6 Mawrth 2014

Dr Daniel Newman, RA, Sustainable Places Research Institute, on the stresses of commuting.

Innocents will suffer as legal cuts put paid to due process

16 Ionawr 2014

Article by Dr Daniel Newman on planned cuts of £220m to legal aid.

Fleet car could ignite a spark in damp electric vehicle market

16 Ionawr 2014

The announcement came at New Year that David Cameron's cabinet members might be about to trade in their limousines for electric vehicles.

Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA)

16 Ionawr 2014

A team of researchers based across the Sustainable Places Research Institute and The School of Planning and Geography has developed a novel network model which measures the "DNA" of a city.

Cardiff to become a beacon for sustainable food

6 Rhagfyr 2013

Cardiff has been selected as one of just six cities in the UK to share in £1M funding to be invested in improving food culture and support it on the journey to become a Sustainable Food City

Griff Rhys Jones

Green needs to be the new smartphone

7 Tachwedd 2013

Sustainability Week debate tackles the future of energy in the UK.

Nicholas Topley & Matthias Eberl

New hope for dialysis patients as "immune-fingerprints" discovered

1 Tachwedd 2013

Body's immune response indicates type of infection and which antibiotics to use.

CRT and University signing

Caring for our waterways

31 Hydref 2013

New research partnership helps unlock waterways' potential