Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The UK national ecosystem assessment, what next?

3 Gorffennaf 2012

Professor Terry Marsden has been appointed a member of the Expert Panel providing advice on the next stage of the UK national ecosystem assessment.

Rural Alliances launched to help rural vibrancy

2 Gorffennaf 2012

Professor Terry Marsden has been appointed to the Policy and Advisory Panel of an exciting new €10million initiative which will benefit rural communities and promote best practice between different EU regions.

Tirlithriad yn Wganda

29 Mehefin 2012

Yn ystod taith i Wganda ar ran Vale fôr Africa gwelodd yr Athro Tim Wess, Dirprwy Is-ganghellor Ystadau, olion y tirlithriadau a ddinistriodd dri phentref ar lechweddau Mynydd Elgon.

Further Finnish developments

26 Mehefin 2012

Professor Terry Marsden has recently returned from a joint seminar on Sustainable Cities with colleagues from Helsinki, Vaasa and the Finnish Environmental Institute.

Another step forward for seagrasses

8 Mehefin 2012

The lesser known star of the marine environment, seagrass has received a boost following support from the Darwin Initiative.

Crossroads for Food Studies

6 Mehefin 2012

Solving the problems of food security and sustainability: the emerging place-making agenda