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Business Forum and Shop Local

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Grangetown business forum

Developing a thriving local business forum.

The idea

"Living here for nearly 25 years, I've not known of a business forum existing locally. I don't know if there is a demand for it but in the face of the growth of more chain stores within the area, there is potential for better cross-promotion of what Grangetown has to offer.

I think the forum could be worked through the website and social media and was hoping that the Shop Local idea might be an end product for the forum itself."


Eleven Cardiff University Business students and a Communications Research student have developed this idea by conducting interviews with local businesses to feature on the Grangetown Community Action website.

250 Business and Marketing students also worked on ideas for a business forum and shop local campaign in Grangetown as part of their research which was presented in June 2016.

The first Business Forum was launched in January 2017 at Tramshed Tech and was hosted by local business mentor Rob Firth. Over 30 local business owners were in attendance and received training on boosting a business's online presence from an expert at Google

Future meetings will also provide a platform for businesses to discuss issues and help shape local decision making through question and answer sessions with city councillors and city council leaders.

The forum, the brainchild of Grangetown Community Action’s Steve Duffy, was created following a survey of more than 150 shoppers and businesses which revealed significant support for a shop local campaign.

Working with Community Gateway has provided an invaluable way of integrating live project work and experiential learning into business school teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level whilst also providing a template for company-community partnership working for the future.

Yr Athro Eleri Rosier Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy

Next steps

Cardiff University students and GCA have partnered since 2015 to develop ideas to revive high streets in Grangetown; the City Region Exchange Pilot Project funding will help put these ideas into action. Through practical initiatives, we will explore opportunities to strengthen local economies and support independent businesses.

Ideas will be piloted in Grangetown and learning will be shared across the City Region. The pilot will focus on four key aims:

1. Develop a practical model to work towards reviving local high streets and strengthening local economies, sharing learning, equipment and resources across the City Region.

2. Initiate a community-led, sustainable street market showcasing local suppliers and increasing footfall to the Grangetown area.

3. Help businesses adapt to the challenges they face by developing a monthly Business Forum for independent business owners willing to cross-promote, access training, promote Grangetown and collectively campaign on local issues.

4. Develop skills and behaviours for innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship amongst Cardiff University students.