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Somali community needs

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Somali Needs 2

Cardiff University is working in partnership with Cardiff’s Somali community to build a knowledge-base of Somali community needs in the city.

The idea

Through collaboration, this project seeks to build a robust evidence-base of Somali community needs in Cardiff that can be used as the basis of community-led projects and funding proposals.

The project seeks to forge closer links between Somali organisations and Cardiff University, and heighten the visibility of Somalis in Cardiff through project outputs, including an exhibition in a central city location.

The research focuses on a number of related topics, including migration, settlement and integration experiences, identity and place, health and well-being, education, employment and housing. The projects is also interested in finding out about experiences of discrimination (e.g. racism or Islamophobia in the spaces of the city and/or the workplace).

The research team consists of Dr Richard Gale, Dr Andrew Williams, Ali Abdi, Sara Kalinleh and Samia Zarak.


The online survey was made available in August 2017 and was designed for residents to tell their stories in their own words. The results of the survey will be made available by the research team in 2019.