Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Youth Forum

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Youth Forum Cropped

The young people of Grangetown have been engaging with community projects, sports and training in their local area.

The idea

Grangetown has a huge population of young people. The aim of the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum is to connect them with every aspect of Community Gateway and the Grange Pavilion development.


Grange Pavilion Youth Forum is incredibly popular with the young people in Grangetown with between 30-40 children of all ages attending each session on a weekly basis.

The Forum has provided opportunities for children to engage with lots of new activities including:

  • Tech Café
  • Grange All Stars football training
  • girls football coaching
  • after-school multi-sports club
  • Tae kwon do
  • Go-Tri
  • careers coaching and advice
  • movie screenings with WOW film club
  • university visits
  • It’s My Shout mentoring
  • bike safety
  • and much more.

The Grange Pavilion Youth Forum was also successful at the Street Games National Awards winning a National Doorstop Engagement Award for their work bringing sport into the community.

The Grange Pavilion Youth Forum meets every Wednesday evening at Grange 3G Pitch, Grange Gardens while the Grange Pavilion is being renovated.

You Forum

Next steps

To continue to champion the ideas and views of young people from Grangetown and help it to inform the work of Community Gateway and the Grange Pavilion and to provide young people with the platform to access opportunities available at Cardiff University.

For further information or to connect with the Youth Forum contact Ali Abdi: