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First and second degree funding (Year 5 onwards)

In your fifth year of study of Medicine or Dental Surgery, the NHS will take over as the main funding provider for your course.

This includes if you have undertaken a pre-lim year and/or intercalate, but excludes any repeat years you may have taken.

Funding from the NHS bursary scheme doesn't need to be repaid and there is no contract with the NHS after you finish your course.

The information currently displayed relates to students who began their studies in September 2016 and should be used as a guide only. No further updates have been issued by The Welsh Government  with regards to NHS funding for 5th Year Medicine and Dental Surgery for September 2017 entry. The information will be updated as soon as information becomes available.

Help with tuition fees

The NHS pays tuition fees regardless of family income for home UK funded students and EU students. You need to apply for the NHS Bursary so that your tuition fees are paid by the NHS.

How to apply

The School of Medicine or the School of Dentistry will compile a list of students who will be eligible for the NHS bursary and send this to the appropriate funding authority. This notification must be received by the funding office in order for an application to be processed. This process usually starts from April onwards.

The authority you deal with depends on where you lived prior to the start of your course:

Where you livedFinance authorityApplication process
WalesNHS (Wales) Student Awards Services (NHS SASThe NHS SAS will send an application pack to you.
EnglandNHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA)You can apply online
ScotlandStudent Awards Agency for ScotlandYou can apply online
Northern IrelandStudent Finance Northern IrelandYou can apply online

The relevant funding authority will assess your application and notify the University and you of the award. If you qualify for a bursary for living costs the University Finance Office will pay it in to your bank account.

Help with living costs

Usually, the NHS only provides financial support towards living costs to home UK funded students. Currently, non-UK EU students are not eligible for help with living costs. For further advice about eligibility for support for living costs contact the appropriate finance authority or the Advice and Money team.

NHS Bursary

A means tested NHS bursary is available to help with living costs. This is assessed against household income.

If you live in your parental home while studying your bursary entitlement will be reduced.

The table below gives you an indication of the NHS Bursary available from NHS (Wales) and NHS (England) for entry in 2016/17:

Gross household incomeNHS Bursary (normally in the Final Year)*
£24,279 or less£2,643

*A standard academic year runs from the third week of September to mid June. For each extra week you have to attend your course outside of this period £84 is added to the NHS Bursary.

NHS Grant

You can also apply for a non means tested NHS Grant of £1,000 per year to help with living costs.

Maintenance Loan

You will be eligible for the student loan. Your loan entitlement will depend on where you were living before the course. It is NOT based on an income assessment but it is capped because you will be in a NHS funded year. This is an indication of the maintenance loan available in 2016/17 academic year:

Course yearStudents living in Wales prior to courseStudents living in England prior to course
Final year£2,361£1,811
Non final year (If you did a pre-lim year and/or intercalated)£3,030£2,324
 Apply through Student Finance WalesApply through Student Finance England 

Placement costs

Help with placement travel costs is not income assessed. Help is based on the cost of a return journey from your term-time address to the placement less the cost of the return journey from your term-time address to Cardiff University.

Children and/or adult dependants

You can apply for means tested NHS extra allowances if you have children or an adult dependant.

Additional learning support needs

NHS will support payment of Disabled Students Allowance DSA.