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Second degree funding (Years 1-4)

There is no NHS funding available to students in years 1-4 of the A100 Medicine course or the BDS Dental Surgery.

The information currently displayed relates to students who began their studies in September 2016 and should be used as a guide only. No further updates have been issued by The Welsh Government  at present for 2017 entry. The information will be updated as soon as it is announced.

Tuition fees

You will have to self-fund the tuition fees for the first four years of your course.

Help with living costs

Student loan

Home students will be eligible for the Maintence Loan but not Welsh Government Learning Grant. Your loan entitlement will depend on where you were living before the course and is based on a household income assessment.

  • Students from Wales
  • Students from England
  • Students from Scotland or Northern Ireland
Household incomeMaintenance Loan from Student Finance WalesMaintenance Loan from Student Finance England
Maximum dependent on household income£5,376£8,200
Minimum available not dependent on household income£4,302£3,821
 Apply for your loan through Student Finance WalesApply for your loan through Student Finance England

Children and/or adult dependants

You can apply for income assessed extra allowances to help with family living costs and registered childcare costs.

Additional learning support needs

There is an option to apply for non-income assessed Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). For more information contact the:

Disability and Dyslexia Service

The Disability and Dyslexia Service provides advice and guidance to disabled students, offers specialist support services and facilitates accessibility and adjustments including examination provision. Services include screening for Specific Learning Difficulties and assessments of need.

Further advice

If you require further advice and information about the funding available, please contact:

Advice and Money Team

Press option 5 when calling.