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Loans and grants

UK and EU students intending to start a new undergraduate course in September 2019 can now apply for funding for the 2019/20 academic year.

Most UK and EU students, studying towards their first degree in 2019/20, will be able to access funding to help them meet the cost of their tuition fees. In addition, UK students will be able to access funding to help them meet their living costs.

Students are not required to repay any money they are entitled to borrow until they finish their course and start earning over £25,000 per year.

The way in which you apply for student finance and the funding package available to you will depend on where you live:


Find out more about loans and grants available to students from Wales.

UK, outside Wales

Funding information for students from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

EU countries

Find out more about funding information for countries within the European Union.

Channel Isles and the Isle of Man

Students who live in the Isle of Man or the Channel Isles are subject to different funding arrangements to mainland UK and EU students. Find out more about the funding available.