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Funding your healthcare course

There are two routes of funding for students starting a healthcare course in September 2019 or March 2020: NHS funding for those committed to working in Wales after qualifying (2 years for a degree or 18 months for a diploma), or Student Finance funding.

NHS bursary

NHS funding is usually available for students committed to working in Wales for two years after qualifying.

Student Finance funding

If you plan not to commit to working in Wales for two years after qualifying, you can still study a healthcare course in Wales and apply for funding via Student Finance.

Full-time Medicine and Dental Surgery funding

Years 1-4 are funded through Student Finance, and year 5 is funded through the NHS.

Part-time Dental Nursing

The Higher Education Certificate part-time Dental Nursing course is not funded by the NHS, so you will need to apply for part-time student support via student finance to fund this course.

For further information contact the Advice and Money team.

Return to Practice

Applicants domiciled in Wales are eligible for an NHS bursary, including fees and a maintenance bursary of £1,000.

Getting help

If you have any queries about funding for your course, please contact the Advice and Money team:

Advice and Money Team