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We recognise that financial and other personal circumstances can have an impact on your decision to apply to university.

We offer a range of bursaries to help with the costs of studying with us.

AwardWho may be eligible?Amount
Cardiff University BursaryFull-time undergraduate students from lower income households who qualify for UK funding for living costs£1,000 for first-year students, £500 in subsequent years
Armed Forces BursaryFull-time students who have served in the armed forces£1,000
Asylum Seekers Opportunity AwardAsylum seekers and children of asylum seekers (two awards available)Cost of tuition and non-repayable grant of £4,000 per year to support living costs
Care Leavers BursaryStudents who declare in their UCAS application that they are in careUp to £3,000
Estranged Student BursaryYoung students who are irreconcilably estranged from their families at the beginning of their course (considered on case-by-case basis)Up to £3,000
Next Step BursaryStudents who have completed the University’s Widening Participation Scheme, and whose household income is below £35,000Either a £1,000 Cardiff University residency fee discount or a £500 travel bursary in your first year
Young Adult Carers BursaryStudent young-adult carers who are more likely to incur extra financial costs and greater challenges due to managing a caring role alongside their studies£3,000 over duration of your course

If you are a continuing student with us, please check the student intranet for your cohort year bursary details.

For more details on any of the above awards, please contact:

Bursaries and Scholarships

NHS bursary

Home UK-funded students on eligible courses, who commit to working in Wales post-qualification, may be eligible for this bursary of statutory funding. It covers tuition fees in full, plus £1,000 per year for living costs.

Find out more about the NHS bursary

Student Finance Guide 2022

Advice on Cardiff University scholarships and bursaries.


We offer a number of scholarships for particular courses, and for students who achieve exceptional exam results.

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