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Third year integrated master's students

Information for Year 3 Integrated Master's students.

Confirm your programme

Please confirm your programme and the modules you were approved on at pre-enrolment on SIMS upon receiving a notification in September. Should you wish to change your module selection or exit degree please follow the instructions that will be sent out in early September.

All students will be required to attend a compulsory introductory talk during the week of 27 September 2021.

Please note that, for your safety, these events will be conducted as virtual meetings via Zoom. Please install the Zoom client on your phone or device prior to the meeting date and time.

Introductory talkTBCTBCOnlineAt this session, you will meet your year coordinator and will learn more about the School, your course and some important policies and procedures.
Applying learning and student communityTBCTBCOnlineThis session will include talks from the Year Coordinator and Student Union representatives.
BI3008 Talk (Year 3 IM students)TBCTBCOnlineA talk will be given to introduce the BI3008 module for Integrated Master's students.