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Receiving your funding

Last updated: 12/07/2023 10:07

Understanding how and when you will receive your funding and avoiding delays.

Receiving your Student Finance funding

This information applies to students who are funded in full via Student Finance and healthcare students who are NHS-funded and have applied for the reduced rate of Maintenance Loan only.

Maintenance funding

If eligible for maintenance funding, such as a Maintenance Loan and/or Grant, this should be paid to your nominated bank account after enrolment, so long as:

  • your funding application is complete and details the correct university and course information
  • you have completed enrolment
  • you have completed the right to study task

As your student funding will not arrive until after Welcome Week (because you enrol during this time), it is essential that you bring enough money for your day to day living costs (food, essential travel and entertainment) for the first few weeks of university.

Amending your Student Finance application

If your funding application has the incorrect university or course details then the quick and easy way to update this is by logging into your online account before 1 September and choosing ‘Change your application’. This should then take Student Finance up to around 20 working days to process the change.

After 1 September, you won’t be able to change the details yourself. Instead, please contact the Student Funding and Advice  Team for help with this.

If you are coming to Cardiff University through Clearing, Funding for Clearing Students provides more information on the process of updating your Student Finance application.

Tuition fee funding via Student Finance

If you've applied and are eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan (this includes healthcare students who have opted out of NHS funding), please visit the tuition fees section for information about how your tuition fee funding is confirmed to the University and your responsibilities to ensure your tuition fees are paid.

Receiving your NHS funding

BN Nursing and BM Midwifery students usually receiving their NHS funding for living costs over 12 months. The first full payment is usually paid at the end of October and continues to be paid at the end of each month.

For other healthcare courses in the School of Healthcare Sciences, NHS Funding is paid mid-month, usually over 10 months, and the first full monthly payment is usually mid-October. The School of Healthcare Sciences Finance Office will arrange payment of NHS funding into your bank account.

To receive NHS funding, you must have received your NHS Student Awards Service award notification which will be sent to you by email. A copy of this notification will be sent to the School of Healthcare Sciences Finance Office.

Dental Therapy and Hygiene students are usually paid NHS funding for living costs in termly instalments and payment is arranged by the School of Dentistry. You will need to have received your award notification from the NHS Student Awards Service for payment to be arranged.

Tuition fee funding via the NHS

For all NHS funded students, the NHS Wales Student Awards Service will pay the tuition fees directly to Cardiff University.

Preparing a budget

Before you arrive, it is important to plan out a budget. Find out more about living expenses and budgeting.

Further advice

If you have any questions about student finance or funding, please contact:

Student Funding and Advice Team

Cardiff Business School Student Support (Cardiff Business School)