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Enrolment and induction information for the Welsh School of Architecture.

Congratulations on being offered a place at Cardiff University. We are looking forward to welcoming you as you start your studies, and are working hard to ensure that you will be living and learning safely.

28 September - 2 October: Online induction week

Online induction week aims to help you:

  • complete your registration
  • familiarise yourself with the online learning platforms used by Cardiff University and Welsh School of Architecture,
  • attend compulsory health and safety webinars
  • learn about English language classes and, if needed, register for English tutorials
  • familiarise yourself with Cardiff University library resources
  • get an overview of the BSc1 learning content and schedule.

As this is often the week you move and settle into Cardiff, the majority of these activities are pre-recorded online events that you can watch at your convenience.

Introduction to BSc1 lecture

During this week a live-streaming Introductory lecture to the BSc1 year will take place. The lecture will offer us a chance to meet each other and discuss how a blended experience of studying architecture will be delivered this year.

The Introduction to BSc1 lecture is a live and recorded online event. It will take place on:

  • Friday 2 October 2020, at 10:00-11:30
  • on Blackboard Collaborate (a link for this will be emailed to your University email account).

Important notes

While pre-recorded events may seem convenient or easy, it is still important to carefully plan your engagement and create the time and the space to participate in all compulsory activities.

You may wish to dedicate particular days of the week to watching pre-recorded sessions, or a particular times of the day, across all week days. It is for you to plan when, how and where you will engage with all essential components.

Please remember that you will need to log-into the Student Intranet using your Cardiff University email address, and access Learning Central to access Blackboard-Collaborate sessions.

Online engagement is equally monitored as on-campus engagement, following Cardiff University guidelines. Attending the majority of online activities is a requirement for the On-campus Induction.

Prior to your online sessions, make sure that you are able to connect and access the Student Intranet, Learning Central, and relevant Blackboard Collaborate platforms, and that you are adequately equipped to join any typical live-streaming events (eg Skype, Zoom, Messenger chat).

As personal IT equipment and internet connections may vary, please make sure that you are able to participate in video chat with both video and audio input/output. Finally, we would also like to recommend that you use a cable internet connection, as WiFi connections can be unpredictable.

If you encounter any problems please contact our IT support at using your University email account, if possible.

If for any reason, you are unable to attend the online live events, please know that all of them will be recorded and will become available within the next couple of days.

5 October - 9 October: On-campus induction week

This week is indicative of the blended ways and patterns of learning we will be working with, this academic year. You will be given the chance to explore on-campus facilities and resources and meet face-to-face with some of your teachers and peers.

This is also the week that you will put to test your virtual studio environment through a simple design-based ice-breaking exercise.

Last but not least, this week signifies the beginning of all compulsory learning activities and comes to an end with a sensory and creative exploration of the River Taff.

This week includes:

  • an Introductory lecture to Architectural Design 1 module
  • an Introductory lecture to Building through Time module
  • an Introductory lecture to Architectural Technology 1 module
  • a BSc1 Studio Visits, desk and locker allocations (Bute Building - BSc1 studios)
  • the Collection of BSc1 Equipment Kits, (Bute Building-BSc1 studios)
  • the briefing and development of the 1st Design Activity (Bute Building - BSc1 studios and Online)
  • AD1: Bute Park_ Explorations (Bute Building-BSc1 studios and Bute Park sensory explorations)

While the introductory lectures will be hosted online, all of the others require your physical presence.

Your on-campus physical presence is required on 5 October and either, 8 or 9 October.

Your allocation to particular learning groups, called studios/ateliers (A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, etc) will determine the exact time and day of your participation in the on-campus activities.

Information on the learning group you are allocated, a detailed timetable of the on-campus week and instructions on how to access all events will be emailed to you closer to the online induction week.

Please check your University email account and Learning Central frequently for recent changes, updates, or cancellations in BSc1 weekly schedules.