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Last updated: 26/09/2022 11:49

Enrolment and induction information for the Welsh School of Architecture.

You will need to complete online enrolment before you arrive in Cardiff.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Welsh School of Architecture. Please find important induction information below:

Undergraduate students

Induction Programme BSc/MArch Architecture (Year One)

09:00-13:00Time allocation for students to complete Health and Safety Induction, familiarise with digital platforms and obtain student ID card. Online
14:45-15:00RegistrationLAW 2.27
15:00-15:20Welcome to the Welsh School of ArchitectureLAW 2.27
15:20-17:00Introduction to University Services and SupportLAW 2.27
10:00-15:00Issue of Equipment and Student ID Access0.66, Bute
10:00-12:00Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Student Induction Module

Online module
or Media Lab (Bute/2.04) booked for any students unable to complete on personal laptop.

10:00-12:00All School Inclusion eventBute Building
10:00-12:00BSc Year 1 and Design Studio InductionLAW 2.27

Postgraduate students

Induction week involves a number of activities that aim to help you to:



RegistrationReception, Bute Building
11:15 - 11.45Introduction to Postgraduate Study and ResearchBute/0.66
12:00 - 12:30Programme WelcomeASM - Bute/0.54
CMA - Bute/1.20
MAAD - Bute/0.52
SBC - Bute/0.55
12:30 - 13:00Bute Building ToursBute
14:00-14:20English Language SupportBute/0.66
14:20-14:30SAWSA (Student Association at the Welsh School of Architecture)Bute/0.66
14:30 - 14:45Library IntroBute/0.66
14:45 - 15:00Introduction to Academic IntegrityBute/0.66
15:00-15:45School Operations - Intro to facilities, Bute Building, Finance and Academic Teaching ProceduresBute/0.66

Students for Masters in Architectural Design only required on this day.

10:00-12:45MAAD Optional Module PresentationsBute/0.15
14:00 - 15:00Students to opt for preferred Optional ModulesOnline form
09:00-17:30DPP/MDAIntroduction to DPP/MDABUTE/0.15
10:00-13:00CMAInduction to CMA and Dissertation PresentationsBUTE/1.20
10:00-11:00MAADIntro to Design ResearchBute/0.52
11:00-11:30MAADIntro to ART703 Analysis of PrecedentsBute/0.52
10:00-12:00All SchoolAll School Inclusion EventBute Building
14:00-16:00ASMProgramme IntroductionBute/0.52
10:00-13:00SBCIntro to programmeBUTE/0.54
14:00-16:00SBCIntro to programmeBUTE/0.54
14:00-17:00ASMDaylighting WorkshopBute/2.04