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Last updated: 23/10/2023 13:42

It is essential that you read the arrival information so you know when and where to collect your key and you don’t miss any important deadlines.

Download arrival information for your residence, including dates and times to arrive (including important deadlines), what to do when you get here, directions, parking, maps and contacts.

Aberconway Hall, Colum Hall, Student Houses (Colum Road/Place), Aberdare Hall, Hodge Hall

Arrival information for Aberconway Hall, Colum Hall, Colum Road/Place, Aberdare Hall, Hodge Hall.

Cartwright Court, Roy Jenkins Hall

Arrival information for Cartwright Court and Roy Jenkins Hall.

Gordon Hall, Senghennydd Court, Senghennydd Hall, Student Houses or Flats (Village)

Arrival information for Gordon Hall, Senghennydd Court/Hall and Student Village houses/flats.

Talybont Court

Arrival information for Talybont Court.

Talybont North, Talybont Gate

Arrival information for Talybont North and Talybont Gate.

Talybont South

Arrival information for Talybont South.

University Hall

Arrival information for University Hall.

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