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Paying for your accommodation

How to pay for your time in residences depending on your arrangement.

If you are staying at Clodien House, details about paying will be included in the information sent to you by Unite once you have been allocated a place.

Fees for all other residences, as well as most of the associated charges such as parking permit, are payable by one of the following methods:

  • Credit/Debit card in full in advance or on arrival
  • Direct debit from a UK Bank Account (payable in a maximum of 3 instalments on set dates, depending on your residential period)
    Please note: this Direct Debit covers residences fees and associated charges only. You will need to complete a separate mandate for your tuition fees.

The only exceptions to these payment methods are:

Sponsored students

If your residences fees will be paid directly to us by your sponsor, please select ‘Instalments paid by sponsor’ as your payment method and forward a copy of your Affidavit letter confirming your sponsored status to the Campus Facilities Finance Office: After your arrival in Cardiff we will invoice your sponsor for your residences fees.

NHS Bursary/monthly stipend

If you will be in receipt of a monthly stipend from the NHS Bursary, you can choose to pay your residences fees in equal monthly instalments by a monthly payment plan. Please select ‘Payment Plan – receiving an NHS Bursary or monthly stipend’ as your payment method and forward confirmation of your bursary to the Campus Facilities Finance Office: The Campus Facilities Finance Office will confirm acceptance of your payment plan after evidence of your monthly stipend has been received and shortly after your arrival.

If you will be receiving a termly Student Loan as well as a monthly stipend from the NHS Bursary you may wish to pay in three instalments via Direct Debit. Please select ‘Instalments by Direct Debit’ as your payment method.

If neither of these options suits your circumstance please contact the Campus Facilities Finance Office who will go through other payment options with you.

Residences finance queries

Contact us if you have any queries or if you wish to obtain a receipt for your payment.

Please have your student number to hand whenever you contact us.

Residences finance