Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Creative writing

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Fostering creative exploration and innovation.

We believe that imaginative writing plays a crucial role in negotiating the past, positioning ourselves in the present, and projecting multiple futures.

Our creative writing staff engage with hybrid genres as well as established modes and forms, and encourage critical engagement with writing and its wider contexts. They are published authors of their own fiction, poetry and poetry in translation, and train the next generation of writers and creative writing teachers.

The intellectual and social environment here is both supportive and stringent, and demonstrates how dynamic and stimulating creative writing in the academy can be.

Research events

We run a programme of workshops and readings by eminent authors, and host regular research seminars with presentations by staff, postgraduates, guest speakers, and visitors.

Staff in this theme

StaffResearch interests'Research bites'
Dr Sophie CoulombeauEighteenth century and Romantic literature."What's in a name? In Romantic literature, acts of naming 'place' authors and characters within various identity categories."
Dr Ailbhe Darcy Creative writing; contemporary Irish poetry; poetry in performance; lyric theory and the intersection of religious faith and poetic form 
Professor Richard GwynInterdisciplinary approaches: (literary) translation, literature in translation, Welsh writing in English, contemporary fiction, poetry and poetics, twentieth century and contemporary literature."To translate a poem is not only to inhabit its language, but to walk in its land."
Dr Tristan Hughes "A landscape is never truly visible until it is written about."
Tim Rhys  
Christina Thatcher  
Professor Damian Walford DaviesHistoricism, Welsh writing in English, ecocriticism, literature and environment, poetry and poetics."As literary theorists, critics and historians, we need a route beyond historicism; the answer (for now) is counterfactualism."
Robert Walton