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Dermatoleg Ymarferol (MSc)

Mae’r PgDip yn rhaglen dra rhyngweithiol, dysgu o bell ar-lein a gynlluniwyd i ddarparu dealltwriaeth gadarn o glefyd y croen fel mae’n ymddangos mewn arfer i gyfranogwyr, ac i alluogi Meddygon Teulu i reoli problemau dermatolegol yn llwyddiannus mewn cleifion. Mae’r MSc blwyddyn-o-hyd yn benodol ar gyfer gweithwyr gofal iechyd proffesiynol sydd wedi cwblhau eu Tyst.Ôl-radd. mewn Dermatoleg Ymarferol ac sydd am astudio’r maes hwn ymhellach.

The MSc in Practical Dermatology is for practising General Practitioners or other practising doctors who regularly deal with patients with dermatological problems, and who have obtained the Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) in Practical Dermatology.

This 12-month, part-time distance learning course aims to enable doctors to successfully manage dermatological problems in patients presenting to their surgeries, by further developing the skills obtained in the PgDip.

Nodweddion unigryw

  • The course holds both UK and international accreditation, including from the Royal College of General Practitioners, Hong Kong College of Family Physicians and Hong Kong Medical Association
  • Flexible, online delivery enables you to balance your studies with your professional commitments

Ffeithiau allweddol

Nifer Myfyrwyr newydd nesafMedi 2020
Hyd3 blwyddyn
FfurfPart-Time - Distance Learning
Ffyrdd eraill i astudio cwrs hwn

Meini prawf derbyn

Applicants must have completed and passed the Cardiff University Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology programme with a minimum award of Merit (60% or above) not more than three years prior to the year they are intending to start the MSc.

Programme participants must see dermatology patients in their work place or be able to show how they will follow-up patients, in order to complete the cases for the dissertation.Please ensure this is clearly confirmed in your personal statement.

Continuing professional registration with a relevant medical body is required prior to and for the full duration of the programme.

Offers will then be made, up to the number of places available that year, on a competitive basis according to the overall mark each candidate has achieved in the Cardiff University Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology. 

The deadline for applications is 31 July each year. Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Rhagor o wybodaeth am ofynion Iaith Saesneg.

Mae'n rhaid i ymgeiswyr sydd angen fisa Haen 4 i astudio yn y DU gyflwyno cymhwyster iaith Saesneg derbyniol er mwyn bodloni gofynion UKVI (Fisâu a Mewnfudo y DU).

The MSc course consists of one (dissertation) stage, lasting for 12 months (part-time). All students must register initially for the Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) prior to undertaking the MSc dissertation stage. The Postgraduate Diploma course lasts for two academic years for part-time students or one year for full-time students.

The MSc dissertation stage will include a formative 10-week block of online study to develop study and research skills, and completion of a dissertation of 60 credits at Level 7, to achieve a total of at least 180 credits, including the 120 credits from the Cardiff University Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology, to complete the MSc programme.

Please note:

  • Completion of the MSc dissertation stage (part-time) and PG Diploma (full-time) will take two years.
  • Completion of the MSc dissertation stage (part-time) and PG Diploma (part-time) will take three years.

Mae'r modiwlau a ddangosir yn esiampl o'r cwricwlwm arferol. Byddant yn cael eu hadolygu cyn blwyddyn academaidd 2020/21. Bydd y modiwlau terfynol yn cael eu cyhoeddi erbyn mis Medi 2020.

Blwyddyn un

Blwyddyn dau

Blwyddyn tri

Teitl modiwlCôd modiwlCredydau
Dissertation: Practical DermatologyMET60060 credits
Mae'r Brifysgol wedi ymrwymo i ddarparu amrywiaeth eang o opsiynau modiwl lle’n bosibl. Ond byddwch yn ymwybodol er y byddwn yn gwneud pob ymdrech i gynnig dewis, gall hyn gael ei gyfyngu mewn rhai amgylchiadau. Y rheswm am hyn yw'r ffaith mai dim ond nifer cyfyngedig o leoedd sydd ar gael ar rai modiwlau, a gaiff eu dyrannu ar sail y cyntaf i'r felin. Mae'n ofynnol i fodiwlau eraill sicrhau isafswm nifer o fyfyrwyr cyn gallu eu cynnal, er mwyn gwneud yn siŵr y gellir cyflwyno addysg o ansawdd priodol. Gall modiwlau gael eu cyfyngu oherwydd gwrthdaro yn yr amserlen hefyd, ac er bod y Brifysgol yn ymdrechu i amharu cyn lleied â phosibl ar eich dewis, byddai'n syniad da i chi ofyn am gyngor gan yr Ysgol berthnasol am y dewisiadau modiwl sydd ar gael.

Sut y caf fy addysgu?

The course is delivered entirely online via our virtual learning environment, allowing regular, rapid and efficient communication between colleagues, tutors and course administrators, reducing the isolation commonly associated with distance learning.

Through dedicated online tutorial support, discussion forums and online assessments, you will be part of an enthusiastic and supportive online community of doctors with an interest in dermatology. This environment allows collaboration, both academic and clinical, which can extend beyond the life of the programme.

Sut y caf fy nghefnogi?

The academic staff who teach and oversee the MSc in Practical Dermatology are assisted by a dedicated postgraduate administrator team and learning technology team. All can be contacted by telephone or e-mail to ensure good communication between students and the University. Most of the communication is via the VLE, where there are discussion boards that also allow the students to support each other.


You will be allocated to a supervisor at the beginning of the course. Supervisors will be able to assist throughout the course by providing feedback on completed tasks and submitted drafts. Students are also allocated a personal tutor to help address concerns that may arise. Regular support will be in place to monitor your progress and submissions according to a pre-specified timetable.

Sut y caf fy asesu?

The course requires formal assessment in the form of a dissertation.

The dissertation, which will normally be of not more than 20,000 words and supported by such other material as may be considered appropriate to the subject.

Pa sgiliau y byddaf yn eu hymarfer a’u datblygu?

Studying at Master's level should provide you with a wealth of skills and abilities you can apply to any professional setting.  In addition to greater conceptual understanding of current knowledge, issues and methods, you will have the opportunity to practice and develop abilities in critical analysis, in the application of evidence based medicine and in dealing with complex issues systematically and creatively. 

Your studies should also help you develop your problem-solving and decision-making abilities by enabling you to utilise evidence effectively and communicate important concepts to colleagues and others. Through research focused elements you will have the opportunity to develop and enhance your skills and understanding in aspects such as literature review, critical evaluation, research design, research methodologies, data collection, data analysis and research principles.

After fully engaging in the course, you should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate dermatological literature relevant to a specific topic
  • Organise case histories and management plans in a coherent academic manner
  • Synthesise a wide range of literature relevant to a specific topic in a logical coherent manner
  • Recommend areas for improving knowledge/management on a specific topic in dermatology
  • Reflect on strengths and weaknesses and areas of change in own practice based on existing evidence

This programme is aimed at doctors who have completed the Diploma in Practical Dermatology. The MSc can form part of the portfolio of a general practitioner wishing to practice as a GPwSI in dermatology.

This Masters programme enables you to demonstrate you are taking the opportunity to develop your abilities in critical analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, finding and using evidence and in dealing with complex issues. Whilst we do not formally assess clinical skills or competencies in a face-to-face context (so the programme is not a substitute for a formal specialty training programme), studying at this level should help successful students demonstrate numerous academic skills that should be highly regarded in relation to their career development and progression. In particular, the programme offers opportunities to demonstrate the development of knowledge and skills in relation to the application of evidence-based medicine and the potential enhancement of services and governance frameworks. As such, it should provide evidence of commitment and potential that may assist you in relation to taking on greater responsibilities or perhaps seeking management, research, scholarship, or leadership roles.

As this programme is three years or over in duration and has a one year full time equivalent you will not be eligible for a postgraduate loan. The UK Government has more information about eligibility for postgraduate loans.

Ffioedd dysgu

Myfyrwyr y DU ac UE (2020/21)

Nid yw ffioedd ar gyfer mynediad 2020/21 ar gael eto.

Myfyrwyr tu allan i'r UE (2020/21)

Nid yw ffioedd ar gyfer mynediad 2020/21 ar gael eto.

A fydd angen unrhyw gyfarpar penodol arnaf I astudio’r cwrs hwn?

You will need a reliable computer with high speed Internet access (and up-to-date virus and malware protection) and appropriate software.