Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Our research awards include a wide variety of projects from a range of funders. This is a sample of our current grants.

InvestigatorsSponsorsProject titleStart dateFinish dateCardiff award value (£)
Dr V Knight, Prof P Harper Cardiff & Vale University Health BoardOR Modelling for effective and efficient healthcare delivery30 September 2024 75,000
Dr D Gartner (MATHS) Prof P Harper (MATHS)Newport City Council, Torfaen County Borough CouncilPhD to evaluate the demand and capacity requirements on health, social care, and crime in Gwent with a focus on post-pandemic alcohol drinking behaviour01 October 202331 March 202782,095
Dr A Kaouri (MATHS), Dr T Woolley (MATHS), Prof W Jabi (ARCHI)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilA state-of-the-art Epidemic Indoors Intervention Simulator01 March 202329 February 202449,967
Prof J Chen (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilACORN: Seeding research collaborations for wicked problems in financial services01 October 202230 September 202795,879
Prof T Phillips (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilAnomaly detection in large complex data01 October 202231 May 202367,119
Prof P Harper (MATHS), Dr D Gartner (MATHS), Dr V Knight (MATHS), Mr G Palmer (MATHS)Cardiff & Vale University Health BoardData analytics modelling unit01 October 202230 September 2026545,760
Prof T Phillips (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilPersistence spectrail sequences26 September 202231 May 202367,119
Prof T Phillips (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilSpectral approximation and eigen value bounds for differential operators01 September 202204 May 202367,112
Dr J Harvey (MATHS)Medical Research CouncilVolume-collapsed manifolds in Riemannian geometry and geometric inference01 July 202230 June 20261,030,872
Dr J Scheuer (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilStability for nonlocal curvature functionals01 April 202231 March 202337,277
Dr S Wood (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilIntegrable models and deformations of vertex algebras via symmetric functions01 November 202131 October 2025316,853
Dr F Dragoni Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilGeneralised and low-regularity solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations01 January 202131 December 202346,696.00
Dr M Cherdantsev The Leverhulme TrustStochastic homogenisation of high-contrast composites01 March 202028 February 2023216,638.00
Prof M Marletta Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilA new paradigm for spectral localisation of operator pencils and analytic operator-valued functions27 January 202026 January 2023324,844.00
Prof P Harper (MATHS), Dr D Gartner (MATHS), Dr V Knight (MATHS)Aneurin Bevan University Health BoardMathematical Modelling Research Unit01 June 201431 December 202544,000