Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Building a low carbon future

11 Mehefin 2013

How buildings could be transformed to provide renewable energy

IWA Inspire Wales Awards

6 Mehefin 2013

Recognising and rewarding active citizenship in Wales.

Innovation leaders and sustainable businesses

23 Mai 2013

School of Engineering launch new postgraduate course and business gateway.

Driving innovation

22 Mai 2013

Strategic partnership recognised for overcoming challenges in manufacturing.

Innovation and Impact Awards

22 Mai 2013

Recognition for research which has shaped policy and practice.

Reading the unreadable

22 Mai 2013

'Unopenable' scrolls will yield their secrets to new x-ray system.

Linking climate change and human evolution

21 Mai 2013

Origins of human culture linked to rapid climate

Green training programme launches in Wales

20 Mai 2013

A major new EU-backed training programme for professionals in the built environment sector will launch in North Wales this month.

Enriching Student Life Awards

Enriching Student Life Awards

15 Mai 2013

Staff and students recognised for their commitment to student experience.

New Anthea SWAN awards

15 Mai 2013

University schools recognised for supporting women in science.