Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Universe becoming cleaner as cosmic dust is mopped up by stars

6 Gorffennaf 2016

Brand new images from the Herschel Space Observatory give unprecedented insight into the lives of stars and galaxies.

Innovation and Engagement Video

5 Gorffennaf 2016

The School of Mathematics is delighted to release a short video presenting some of our innovation and engagement activities.

The Hydrosac team making their presentation.

Innovation Showcase success for Cardiff engineers

28 Mehefin 2016

A team from the School of Engineering have returned from an award-winning trip to Washington, D.C.

Yr Athro Karen Holford

Peiriannydd Prifysgol Caerdydd ymhlith yr 50 o fenywod mwyaf blaenllaw'r DU ym maes peirianneg

23 Mehefin 2016

Rhestr gyntaf yn enwi Dirprwy Is-Ganghellor y Gwyddorau Ffisegol a Pheirianneg y Brifysgol

PGR Catalysis CDT student

RSC industry award for Alpha Process

21 Mehefin 2016

The industrial applications of the Alpha Process have been recognised at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2016 Industry and Technology Awards.

Coastal lecture

Three lectureships announced

16 Mehefin 2016

Exciting new opportunities in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Gravitational waves

Seryddwyr yn canfod ton ddisgyrchiant newydd

15 Mehefin 2016

LIGO ganfod signal o don ddisgyrchiant "anhygoel o wan" wrth i ddau dwll du uno

Black Hole chart

Black hole signals mark 'true beginning' of gravitational wave astronomy

15 Mehefin 2016

A billion-year-old wave activity has been detected.

Soapbox Science in Cardiff

14 Mehefin 2016

Soapbox science is a public outreach program designed to promote women scientists and the work they do

Artist's impression of intergalactic rain

Feeding black holes

10 Mehefin 2016

Researchers first to witness a supermassive black hole preparing for a "chaotic" feast at the centre of a distant galaxy.