Mae ein hymchwil wedi ei drefnu mewn tri grŵp eang: Solet (Solid), Byw (Living) a Newid (Changing) ac yn canolbwyntio ar themâu a all orffwys o fewn neu ar draws strwythur y grŵp.

Mae'r gwybodaeth isod ar gael drwy gyfrwng y Saesneg yn unig.

Manam solid earth

Solid: Earth and Ocean

Our research deals with the composition and dynamic evolution of the Earth's mantle and crust, including its mineral and petroleum resources.

Zambezi living earth

Living: Earth and Ocean

Our research focuses on the Earth's surface, including in and under its oceans, where life has evolved and profoundly affected environments over billions of years.

Changing: Earth and Ocean

We investigate the causes and consequences of changes in the Earth system, in the ocean, atmosphere and on land, from the geological past into the present and future.