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George Sael, Collection of Welch tours (1797)
George Sael, Collection of Welch tours (1797)

Llyfrau o'r 16eg - 20fed ganrif yn Gymraeg a Saesneg am deithio i bob rhan o Gymru.

Nodwch bod iaith y rhestr isod yn dibynnu ar iaith y ffynhonnell ei hun.

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Leland, John, Laboryouse journey & serche of Johan Leylande, for Englandes antiquitees, geuen of hym as a newe yeares gyfte to Kynge Henry the viij, in the xxxvij yeare of his reygne, with declaracyons enlarged by Johan Bale (London, Printed by S. Mierdman for John Bale, [1549]).

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[A tour from London to Holyhead, as far as Ewloe] ([London], [S.n.], [n.d.]).

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Salisbury's Welsh county scrapbooks of prints and engravings. See archives catalogue.

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