Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Sustainable energy

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

We are helping to generate, supply and use clean, renewable energy and create a sustainable environment for our planet's future.

We aim to advance energy technology and play a key role in addressing the increasing demand for sustainable and low carbon technologies while reducing environmental impact and ensuring a sustainable environment. Our work helps to drive forward net-zero solutions for achieving the UK government carbon targets.

We collaborate closely with industrial, policy and academic partners, such as the National Grid, Wales and West Utilities, Scottish Power Energy Networks, Welsh Government, and the GW4 Alliance, to build a solid foundation for further growth and new projects, particularly around the development of future energy infrastructure.

Specialist expertise

Our researchers have specialist expertise in:

  • renewable energy technologies
  • smart grids
  • integrated multi-energy infrastructure
  • power electronics, MVdc and HVdc
  • decarbonisation of heat and transport
  • peer-to-peer energy systems
  • low carbon heat and power generation
  • alternative fuels
  • building and district energy management
  • electric vehicles
  • gas and outdoor insulation systems
  • earthing systems and electrical safety
  • aerospace insulation systems
  • energy materials.

Recent highlights and investments

Highlights include the success of the FLEXIS programme, a £24 million EU Regional Development Fund project designed to grow the energy systems research capacity in Wales based on world-leading research across Welsh Universities. FLEXIS also aims to demonstrate novel energy systems and concepts to enhance its commercial viability. Led by the Geoenvironmental Research Centre, the collaboration involves staff across all departments of the School of Engineering and extends to six Academic Schools across Cardiff University.

Cardiff based researchers are part of the £18M UK Energy Research Centre project tackling the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to a net-zero energy system and economy.

Our researchers are also part of a £5.3M SUPERGEN Energy Network Hub project bringing together the vibrant and diverse energy networks community to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions and inter-dependencies of energy networks. Cardiff also leads the £1M multidisciplinary project Network+ Decarbonising Transport Through Electrification addressing the challenges of implementing an electrified, cost-effective and holistically operating transport sector for the UK.

Research leaders