Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Over £13 million has been recently invested in enhancing our resources with new and upgraded facilities.

All of the laboratories are staffed by skilled and experienced technical personnel and guided by academic members of staff.

Major laboratories

Gas Turbine Research Centre

Profion tyrbin nwy

Mae gennym rai o'r unig gyfleusterau profi tyrbinau nwy yn y byd, gyda nodweddion sy’n eu gwneud yn unigryw

Additive Layer Manuf lab

Additive manufacturing laboratories

The Additive Layer Manufacturing Laboratories at the School of Engineering have a recognised established track record of additive manufacturing research and development in metal sintering and polymers since the mid 1990’s.

Y tu mewn i'r siambr profi melltio - bollt 100,000 amp i banel ffibr carbon wedi ei atgyfnerthu gan blastig.

Labordy goleuadau

Mae gennym rai o'r cyfleusterau gorau yn y byd ar gyfer profion ac ymchwil ym maes golau, ynghyd â thîm o staff hynod brofiadol.

Structural Performance lab

Structural performance laboratory

Cardiff University benefits from cutting edge manufacturing and structural analysis facilities to conduct in-depth testing and diagnostics across all fields of engineering.

Hydroenvironmental engineering

Hydroenvironmental research centre

The Hydro-environmental Research Centre researches the development and application of computer models for investigating flow, water quality, sediment and contaminant transport processes, in coastal waters, estuaries and river basins.

Monitro symudiadau yn y Cyfleuster Ymchwil Biofecaneg Cyhyrysgerbydol

Cyfleuster Ymchwil Biofecaneg Gyhyrysgerbydol

Rydym yn cynnig canolfan integredig, flaenllaw ar gyfer ymchwil i fiofecaneg gyhyrysgerbydol a biobeirianneg.

Building information modelling and virtual reality laboratory

This facility is used for BIM based integrated/collaborative design and large scale optimisation/decision making for water, energy and infrastructure management.

Labordai Deallusrwydd Artiffisial a Roboteg

Mae'r Ganolfan ar gyfer Deallusrwydd Artiffisial, Roboteg a Systemau Peiriant-Dynol Caerdydd (IROHMS) yn amgylchedd ymchwil penigamp sy'n hwyluso ymchwil arloesol sy'n torri tir newydd.

Renishaw metrology laboratory

This facility provides state of the art measurement systems for teaching and research activities

Microfluidics lab

Applied microfluidics laboratory

The laboratory has been adept at constructing custom design instrumentation set-ups for specific scientific applications, ranging from hybrid microdevice integration to bespoke micro-instruments for cellular encapsulation.

Compound Semiconductor Quantum Photonics Lab

Compound Semiconductor Quantum Photonics Lab

Our facilities are used for research on quantum light sources, two-dimensional semiconductors and photonic nanostructures.

Power Electronic Lab

Provides for modern practical experimentation and computer aided design (CAD).

Other laboratories

We have laboratories and facilities cover:

  • Nano-technology with integrated clean room facilities
  • High frequency
  • Digital signal processing
  • High voltage
  • Bulk material and micro/nano scale characterisation
  • Motion analysis
  • Centrifuge
  • Combustion
  • Acoustic emissions
  • Digital image correlation and heavy structures
  • Micro and Nano Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Circular Hybrid Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Digital Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory
  • Condition Monitoring Laboratory
  • School of Engineering Workshop


To find out more about our facilities and their availability, please get in touch.