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Read our Student Charter

Our Student Charter

Our Student Charter outlines what you can expect from Cardiff University and its Students’ Union and the role that you have in making the most of your time with us.

We’d suggest reading our Student Charter before you arrive.

The Charter

We commit to making the student experience the best it can be by:

We provide an education that seeks to excite, motivate, challenge, and support you.

Active learning

Our study programmes are designed to enable you to engage actively in your learning, and benefit from our inspirational research culture.

Our teaching supports you to become independent learners, which requires commitment and enthusiasm. Our physical, social and virtual learning spaces are well designed and continuously improved.


We help you to learn by providing regular, timely and useful feedback to further develop your knowledge and skills.

Students work in partnership with the University and the Students' Union to strengthen their educational experience, engage in the pursuit of knowledge and build their confidence as learners.

The student voice

We listen to your voice to create a learning environment that meets your expectations and helps shape the wider student experience. You have access to a range of opportunities to share your views and opinions on what we are doing well and what we can do better.

We inform you of the changes made based on your feedback in a variety of ways, including:

  • student-staff panels
  • student news
  • other channels, including the student app, the student intranet and Learning Central.

Get involved

The Students’ Union works to represent your voice to the University by engaging you in democratic processes and identifying recurrent trends in student feedback.

Our partnership enables us to have a shared understanding of issues and to work together to improve your student experience.

We work with you to personalise your learning journey and support your wellbeing and safety according to your individual needs.

Support and services

You have access to a wide range of services to support your student life, such as Student Support and Wellbeing, Students’ Union societies and the Chaplaincy.

We encourage you to make use of all the support available, if needed, at the earliest opportunity.

We are proud to be a Welsh University, at the heart of our capital city. We encourage all our students to engage with Welsh cultural events such as the National Eisteddfod.

Welsh for All

We are committed to providing an environment that promotes and facilitates the use of the Welsh language. We expect all our students to demonstrate respect for the equal status of the Welsh and English languages in public life in Wales. Our Welsh for All programme enables all students to gain and develop Welsh language skills.

Our Welsh medium provision

We work in partnership with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to deliver a sustainable portfolio of Welsh medium educational provision and to meet the needs of our Welsh-speaking students. All our students can have a personal tutor who speaks Welsh where requested and can undertake assessments and examinations in Welsh. There is also Welsh representation in the form of an elected Welsh Language Officer.

Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Caerdydd

The Students’ Union have the Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Caerdydd, which is responsible for representing Welsh speakers, learners, and anyone who is interested in the Welsh language and culture during their time at the University.

Read our Welsh Language Standards.

Our commitment

We welcome and support students from a wide range of backgrounds and from around the world. You can expect to be welcomed and helped to adapt to University life, and in return you are expected to promote a welcoming environment for all.

Staff and students are expected to behave appropriately, both individually and in groups, treating each other and our local community with dignity, courtesy and respect. We expect everyone to accept their responsibilities to each other at all times. This includes time spent on placement, taking part in sporting or other extra-curricular activities and time spent on social media.

We will provide an environment where you can feel confident to inform us if your University experience is adversely affected by the behaviour of fellow students or staff. You can do this confidentially and anonymously.

You can expect us to communicate with you in an honest, open, accurate and timely way, and to deal with any concerns raised in a sensitive and professional manner.

Communicating change

We will communicate programme, module and assessment information clearly to you.

If, in exceptional circumstances, we are unable to deliver what has been advertised, or where reasonable changes will enable the delivery of an equivalent or better quality educational experience, we will consult you about changes, working in partnership with the Students’ Union to ensure your interests are protected.

Tuition fees

We will make it clear to you where additional costs may be required to fulfil your course. In return, we ask that you inform us promptly of any changes to your circumstances.

Tuition fees (and where necessary, bench fees for postgraduate research students) cover all essential costs of a programme.

Declaration of enrolment

When continuing with enrolment you need to confirm agreement with the terms and conditions of the declaration of enrolment, which were accepted by you when you accepted the offer of a place at the University.


You are required to tell us when there are extenuating circumstances that may be impacting on your studies so that we can provide the necessary support. In order to be well informed, you are expected to pay attention to University communication.

We work together to give you the best possible experience at the University. If your experience fails to meet your expectations, we have established processes to deal with your concerns.

Support is available through Student Support and Wellbeing and the Students’ Union advice services.

Your contribution

You are expected to contribute to a positive campus culture by taking responsibility for learning about and being supportive of each other, and informing us of any issues.

Read about our student conduct procedure on the student intranet.

We provide opportunities and support for you to develop qualities that equip you to succeed as global citizens and to make a real difference in the world.


You are encouraged to enhance your skills and take advantage of the opportunities provided, either as part of a programme of study or as an extra-curricular activity. This includes through international study and placements, and by participating in extra-curricular activities through clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities.

Careers and employability

We encourage you to engage with real-world concerns within Cardiff, Wales and internationally. We support you to recognise the skills you are developing so that you can articulate and record these appropriately.

A positive student experience at Cardiff University relies on a successful partnership between the University, the Students’ Union and our students. At Cardiff you are part of a celebrated, vibrant and multicultural university. There is a strong community that is inclusive, supportive and caring, one that celebrates its diversity. Our inspiring and enriching environment offers you a wide range of educational, social, cultural and sporting experiences to motivate, challenge and support you to succeed. Your voice is important to us so we listen and act on your views, working in partnership to make improvements to your student experience. Our Student Charter represents our shared commitments to ensure you are able to make the most of your time with us and achieve your full potential. We hope you will embrace all of the opportunities available to you and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Students’ Union President, Tomos Evans and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Student Charter, please contact the Student Engagement Team or the Students' Union.

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