Accommodation and moving here

Once you have a firm offer to study with us, you can then apply for a place in University residences.

To book your accommodation, you'll need your SIMS username and password, which we will email to you after we have made you an offer to study.

Undergraduate students who selected Cardiff University as either their firm or insurance choice are guaranteed University accommodation in their first year.

A student's bedroom in Senghennydd Court Halls of Residence

What to bring

What is provided in University residences and what you need to bring.

Paying for residences

Paying for your residence

Find out about the different methods of paying your University residences fees.

Private sector housing

Private accommodation

Learn where to find shared houses and flats in Cardiff, how much they cost and where you can stay while you search for a place to live.


Council Tax

Find out about council tax and if you are exempt from paying.

International and Erasmus+ students

As an international student you are guaranteed a place in University residences for the duration of your studies as long as you apply in time.

As an Erasmus+ student you are guaranteed a place in University residences if you are studying with us for a full academic year. If you are with us for less than an academic year you may still apply for a room in University residences but you are not guaranteed a place.