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Student Mentor Scheme

Cardiff University Student Mentor Scheme

The Student Mentor Scheme helps new students to settle into university life.

Many students coming to university will go through a transitional period. If you’re new to the University, you might have to adapt to new ways of learning and teaching, living away from home or commuting to university.

If you’re a first year undergraduate, you will have access to a student mentor from your Academic School.

Mentors can help you with academic and non-academic queries or concerns, including:

  • answering your questions about the University and your Academic School
  • providing you with opportunities to get to know other students from your course
  • giving insider tips on how to stay motivated, manage your time and get the most out of your studies
  • providing a student’s perspective on the Students’ Union, what there is to do here and how to enjoy being a Cardiff University student
  • guiding you on how to use the various IT platforms, including Learning Central, Turnitin, and the University and Students' Union apps
  • giving you a student’s guide to what to expect from your course, and tips on note taking, referencing, using the libraries and how to approach coursework and exams
  • providing life hacks on where to shop, eat and relax, and the opportunities the University and Students' Union provide
  • giving guidance on the support you can access – everything from registering with a GP to accessing wellbeing and support services, to getting involved in student life
  • answering the questions you really want to ask and giving a student perspective.

The meetings with my student mentor were so great as they helped me to settle into every aspect of student life. We could talk about anything from essay problems to general living, and they were completely tailored to our own personal needs.

Rhiannon, Psychology student