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Parking permit

Last updated: 09/08/2023 13:47

At some halls of residence, you can park a car as long as you are allocated a parking permit.

Only a limited number of parking permits are available for each hall of residence. You must request a parking permit when applying for accommodation. You will only be allocated a permit if there is space available.

The halls where restricted parking is available with an allocated parking permit are:

If you are not allocated a parking permit, or you are staying at any other halls of residence, you will be unable to park on-site. In that case, you should not consider bringing a car to Cardiff.

Most students find it easy to get around Cardiff and the surrounding area by walking, cycling or using public transport.

Security and restrictions

All motor vehicles parked on university-owned property must display a valid parking permit for security purposes. Any vehicle not displaying a parking permit will be subject to further action. You are advised always to secure your vehicle and not to leave valuable items in your vehicle.

All vehicles must be parked in designated resident parking spaces to allow emergency vehicles access at any time.

There is a 5mph speed restriction on all residence sites.