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The WISDOM project integrated innovative technologies and services to enable efficient resource and demand management schemes in the water sector and induce changes in consumers' behaviour.


The Water Analytics and Intelligent Sensing for Demand Optimised Management (WISDOM) project aimed at developing and testing an information and communication technology platform that would allow water companies to better manage data from water networks. The overarching goal was to put in place this infrastructure to reduce water and energy consumption.

The project considered all the stakeholders involved in the water value chain, from water utilities companies to local authorities and end users. In doing so, it helped to understand the problems faced by the water industry from each stakeholder's perspective.

With a bit of awareness raising, up to 30% of water could be saved in urban environments

Yr Athro Yacine Rezgui Professor


At the end of the project, water suppliers’ operations had been optimized in terms of cost, water and energy consumption. In terms of technology, the WISDOM project also brought the water sector up to the same standard as the energy sector.

The first roll-out of smart meters in Cardiff was conducted by Welsh Water in the context of the project. The data from those smart meters is now exposed to customers via in-home displays and web and mobile applications that were developed in Cardiff. The aim is to raise public awareness and to achieve behaviour change by allowing water users to track and learn more about their water consumption.

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Dr Tom Beach

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Yr Athro Yacine Rezgui

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