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Coming to Cardiff in September?

We have plenty of information, advice and support to help you settle into student life.

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Cardiff University Main Building Events

Undergraduate Open Days

Find out about living and studying in Cardiff at our upcoming event on 21 October.

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Why study with us?

From world-class campus facilities to excellent career prospects, here are six key reasons to choose Cardiff University for your undergraduate studies.

Cardiff feels like home. There’s so much to do here and you’re part of the community. The university offers loads of help and support too.

Matt Elcock (BSc 2019)
Reasons to love Cardiff
Matt Elcock
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Student support Study

Learning support

With 1.3m books, a high-speed IT network with Wi-Fi access, and purpose-designed study facilities, we make sure that you've got everything you need to support your learning.

Student support Research

Informing Muslims about organ donation

Dr Mansur Ali is helping fellow Muslims explore their faith’s stance on these life-saving procedures.

Student support Community

Primary school pupils to receive support in reading and literacy from student mentors

Primary school children across Wales will receive reading and literacy support as part of a pilot mentoring scheme led by Cardiff University.