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With your help we can provide crucial support for cutting-edge research and see new therapies translated from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside.

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The immune system plays a fundamental role in most acute and chronic diseases affecting developed and developing societies, spanning infection, cancer and inflammatory conditions.

The Systems Immunity Research Institute at Cardiff University takes research on the immune system and the challenges associated with a world-wide ageing population to the next level.

Derek Brockway
BBC Weatherman Derek Brockway learning about the research conducted at the Systems Immunity Research Institute

Our interdisciplinary teams address the alarming emergence of untreatable infections, the growing rates of allergies and autoimmune disorders, and the exciting prospects of reprogramming your immune system for novel immunotherapies.

Our immune system is what keeps us safe from illness and disease. Our research into the underlying mechanisms controlling our immune system has the potential to pave the way for preventative immunisations, novel diagnostics and innovative interventions.

This research has direct relevance for public health and investment will provide crucial support for new therapies to be developed for the direct benefit of patients.

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