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Addysg Feddygol (MSc)

  • Hyd: 1 flwyddyn
  • Dull astudio: Amser llawn

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Dyddiad dechrau

Diwrnod agored

Dysgwch am astudio'n ôl-raddedig yma yn ystod ein Diwrnod Agored nesaf.

Pam astudio’r cwrs hwn

Bydd ein rhaglen yn apelio at y rhai sydd am ymchwilio i hanfodion addysg effeithiol ar gyfer y proffesiynau iechyd mewn lleoliad deinamig, ysgogol a chefnogol.

We are committed, through our MSc in Medical Education, to promoting excellence in learning and teaching for health professionals. Having established the first Masters in Medical Education in the UK, we continue to lead, providing innovative programmes for all medical, dental and health professionals who aim to professionalise the role of the clinician as teacher.

This course recognises the diverse, complex and challenging contexts of both those new to educator roles and responsibilities and those with considerable years of experience. The overall aim of the course is to develop a community of educators committed to promote improvements in both ‘what’ and ‘how’ we teach future healthcare professionals.

The course is highly practical and aims to model best practice in learning and teaching and draws upon a wide range of innovative approaches to learner support and development.  A comprehensive series of face-to-face modules will enable you to contribute to critical dialogues that promote deeper insights into educational theory and principles applied to clinical practice.  This allows ample time to reflect on your own practice and to share experience and new insights with colleagues.

The MSc component of the course follows the successful completion of the modules. This component of the course will allow you to develop skills in designing and conducting an educational project, culminating in the submission of a dissertation. Many of the projects provide the basis for practical innovations in the workplace and can also extend engagement with and contribution to the wider medical education community.

Nodweddion unigryw

  • Benefit from our longstanding expertise and more than two decades of experience of running medical education courses that integrate research and scholarship
  • Specifically designed for clinicians and healthcare professionals, with flexibility to meet your individual needs and circumstances
  • Sequenced modules with immersive teaching days to promote development and support educational leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Assessment tasks linked to your own educational practise, allowing you to apply theory and concepts to your clinical setting
  • Opportunity to study alongside healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds to promote understanding and sharing of good practice
  • Support from an academic team of dedicated educationalists, active in professional associations who have a breadth of experience
  • Optional attendance at a short Effective Teaching Skills course (limited availability)
  • Positioned within Cardiff University School of Medicine and located at University Hospital of Wales, we are well placed to support the education and training of clinicians and clinical educators
  • Accredited by Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) and aligned to GMC Trainer criteria
  • Accredited by the UK Higher Education Academy, conferring Fellowship upon successful completion of Year 1

Rydym wedi ymrwymo i gyflwyno rhaglenni sy'n arloesol ac yn berthnasol, a chynnig y deilliannau dysgu a'r rhagolygon gyrfaol gorau i'n myfyrwyr. O gofio hyn, rydym yn adolygu rhai elfennau o'r rhaglen hon ar hyn o bryd. Felly, mae'r manylion yn rhai dangosol yn unig a gallent gael eu newid. Gallwch gyflwyno cais o hyd. Byddwn yn diweddaru'r dudalen hon ac yn cysylltu â'r holl ddeiliaid cynnig pan fydd yr adolygiad wedi'i gwblhau er mwyn cadarnhau unrhyw newidiadau.

Ble byddwch yn astudio

Yr Ysgol Meddygaeth

Rydym ni'n un o ysgolion meddygaeth fwyaf y DU, wedi ein hymrwymo i geisio gwella iechyd pobl drwy addysg ac ymchwil.

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  • Telephone+44 (0)29 2068 7214
  • MarkerYsbyty Athrofaol Cymru, Parc y Mynydd Bychan, Caerdydd, CF14 4XN

Meini prawf derbyn

Academic requirements: 

Typically, you will need to have either: 

  • an honours degree in a healthcare-related field, or an equivalent international degree
  • a university-recognised equivalent academic qualification
  • or be working in a healthcare-related field and hold professional registration with a recognised body.

English Language requirements:

IELTS with an overall score of 6.5 with 6.0 in writing and 5.5 in all other subskills, or an accepted equivalent. 

Other essential requirements:

This programme has been designed for teachers, trainers, educational supervisors, course coordinators, clinical, and college tutors so you will also need to demonstrate your interest/involvement in learning and teaching in healthcare contexts via the personal statement. This should cover details of your teaching, assessment, and related educational responsibilities. In your personal statement tell us why you wish to follow this programme, what benefits you expect to gain from it, and what skills and experience you possess that make you a suitable applicant. Please supply your statement as a PDF (500 words) and include the following questions as headings:
1. What experience do you have as a health professional? You should have at least one years' post-graduation general medical experience.
2. Why do you wish to follow this course?
3. What post-qualification experience do you have of teaching as a health professional?
4. What current involvement in teaching within your health profession do you have?

Application deadline:

We allocate places on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend you apply as early as possible. 

Selection process: 

We will review your application and teaching experience and if you meet the entry requirements we will make you an offer.

Rhagor o wybodaeth am ofynion Iaith Saesneg.

Mae'n rhaid i ymgeiswyr sydd angen Fisa myfyriwr i astudio yn y DU gyflwyno cymhwyster iaith Saesneg derbyniol er mwyn bodloni gofynion UKVI (Fisâu a Mewnfudo y DU).

Euogfarnau troseddol

You are not required to complete a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check or provide a Certificate of Good Conduct to study this course.

If you are currently subject to any licence condition or monitoring restriction that could affect your ability to successfully complete your studies, you will be required to disclose your criminal record. Conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • access to computers or devices that can store images
  • use of internet and communication tools/devices
  • curfews
  • freedom of movement
  • contact with people related to Cardiff University.

Strwythur y cwrs

The full-time MSc course involves studying all the modules in one academic year (September-June) and acceptance of an approved dissertation (July-September). Successful completion of the modules will allow you to progress to the MSc component and undertake an educational project culminating in the submission of a dissertation.

Modules usually last two days each followed by a period of independent study.  The first session of each two-day unit is a synthesis of the previous module and the independent study period. This three stage process develops and clarifies understanding of the module topic, gives the opportunity and time to apply new concepts and skills, and concludes by allowing reflection on and sharing of experiences and insights with colleagues.

The culmination of the modules is a practical teaching project, a student-led symposium on a contemporary issue in medical education.

Mae'r modiwlau a ddangosir yn esiampl o'r cwricwlwm arferol. Byddant yn cael eu hadolygu cyn blwyddyn academaidd 2022/23. Bydd y modiwlau terfynol yn cael eu cyhoeddi erbyn mis Medi 2022.

Mae'r Brifysgol wedi ymrwymo i ddarparu amrywiaeth eang o opsiynau modiwl lle’n bosibl. Ond byddwch yn ymwybodol er y byddwn yn gwneud pob ymdrech i gynnig dewis, gall hyn gael ei gyfyngu mewn rhai amgylchiadau. Y rheswm am hyn yw'r ffaith mai dim ond nifer cyfyngedig o leoedd sydd ar gael ar rai modiwlau, a gaiff eu dyrannu ar sail y cyntaf i'r felin. Mae'n ofynnol i fodiwlau eraill sicrhau isafswm nifer o fyfyrwyr cyn gallu eu cynnal, er mwyn gwneud yn siŵr y gellir cyflwyno addysg o ansawdd priodol. Gall modiwlau gael eu cyfyngu oherwydd gwrthdaro yn yr amserlen hefyd, ac er bod y Brifysgol yn ymdrechu i amharu cyn lleied â phosibl ar eich dewis, byddai'n syniad da i chi ofyn am gyngor gan yr Ysgol berthnasol am y dewisiadau modiwl sydd ar gael.

Dysgu ac asesu

Sut y caf fy addysgu?

Teaching on the modules mainly takes place in small groups, which are facilitated by the core teaching team. There is the opportunity for discussions, debates, instructor presentations, tutorials, case studies and peer interactions designed to enhance learning in addition to guided and independent study. Participation, collaboration and practical application are key features of the course, and you will be encouraged to try out new approaches to learning and teaching. Synthesising your knowledge and applying theory to practice within your own clinical teaching setting will be a central requirements of both formal assessments and formative work.  Opportunities to develop your team working and collaboration skills will be available through tasks, activities and general engagement in debate and exploration with tutors and peers.

The dissertation stage will require the completion of a small scale empirical or literature-based study. You will be allocated a supervisor to support your study following successful completion of the modules.

Sut y caf fy asesu?

You will be assessed in a variety of ways both to inform learning (formative) and to assess learning (summative) and all assignment tasks are linked to your educational practise  For example, typical assignments may relate to designing and producing some instructional media for a specific teaching need you identify, critically reviewing an assessment method you use, reflecting on your experience of  participating in peer review of teaching, designing a research proposal for an educational project in your clinical teaching context.

Satisfactory standard in the modules is required for progress on to the dissertation.  This stage will require the completion of a small scale empirical or literature based study, culminating in the submission of a dissertation.

Sut y caf fy nghefnogi?

You will be allocated a personal tutor who will support your progress on the course, monitoring your general progress, discussing relevant issues and providing advice, guidance and support.  There are a variety of practical tasks and activities to allow you to explore and discuss a range of educational issues and engage in a variety of group activities with tutors and peers. Personal tutors will comment on your reflective journal, and this exchange is an opportunity for you to engage in a dialogue about your educational roles, responsibilities and experiences in your clinical setting.

You will also be allocated a supervisor to support your study during the dissertation stage.


You will receive written feedback on all your assignments and dissertation, in addition there are many opportunities throughout the course to receive peer and tutor feedback.

At the start of the course you will complete a practice assignment, designed to help you appreciate the nature of the course requirements and inform your learning/development. In addition you will receive formative feedback via learning contract activity, reflective journal entries, teaching observations, tutorials and peer review.

Module synthesis sessions will also often entail giving a brief report or presentation to colleagues about the relevance of a module to your own context; discuss specific educational challenges to inform improvements and educational change. 

During the dissertation component you will have an opportunity to receive feedback on the project design and draft dissertation chapters.

Pa sgiliau y byddaf yn eu hymarfer a’u datblygu?

 The overall aims of the course are to help you:

  • Critically appraise both your own and others’ practice as clinical educators and educational leaders to enhance learning and teaching relationships with colleagues/trainees
  • Synthesise concepts in order to further enhance knowledge and understanding to initiate educational developments responsive to clinical education needs and challenges
  • Develop an ability to engage with research, scholarship and practice and deal with complexities, contradictions and gaps in the current evidence base.

More specifically the course aims to:

  • Develop and formally recognise experience, skills and leadership in clinical education
  • Provide an understanding of educational theories, methods and practice across the clinical professions that inform current educational practice
  • Promote critical self-awareness and reflection on educational practice to inform educational change
  • Develop educational skills as a clinical educator and educational leader
  • Illustrate your understanding of concepts by designing, planning and delivering learner-centred sessions employing a range of educational strategies/principles
  • Achieve an understanding of how to create effective change in healthcare education
  • Provide skills to design, develop and critically analyse educational media and technologies in order to enhance the learning-teaching process
  • Promote a critical evaluation of the purpose, design, application and interpretation of a range of assessment methods available to clinical educators
  • Develop the educational skills required to provide constructive feedback to learners
  • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to be an educational evaluator in clinical contexts
  • Develop the skills required to design, implement and evaluate an educational event with coherence, integration and relevance
  • Provide an understanding of the philosophical orientations of educational research and a range of research methodologies to enable the selection and utilisation of appropriate strategies to design and conduct educational research.

The Master’s degree, while encompassing all of the above, aims to:

  • Innovate in clinical education through the design, implementation and evaluation of a small scale educational research project (empirical or literature-based).

Ffioedd dysgu ar gyfer dechrau astudio yn 2022

Bydd eich ffioedd dysgu a sut y byddwch yn eu talu yn dibynnu ar eich statws ffioedd. Gallai eich statws ffioedd fod yn statws cartref, ynysoedd neu tramor.

Dysgwch sut rydym yn pederfynu eich statws ffioedd

Ffioedd am statws cartref

Blwyddyn Ffioedd Dysgu Blaendal
Blwyddyn un £9,700 £1,000

Myfyrwyr o'r UE, AEE a'r Swistir

Os ydych chi'n wladolyn o'r UE/AEE neu'r Swistir, bydd eich ffioedd dysgu ar gyfer 2022/23 yn unol â'r ffioedd tramor a godir ar fyfyrwyr rhyngwladol, oni bai eich bod yn gymwys i gael statws ffioedd y DU. Mae UKCISA wedi darparu gwybodaeth am Brexit a ffioedd dysgu.

Ffioedd am statws ynys

Dysgwch ragor am ffioedd ol-raddedig i fyfyrwyr o Ynysoedd y Sianel ac Ynys Manaw.

Ffioedd am statws tramor

Blwyddyn Ffioedd Dysgu Blaendal
Blwyddyn un £18,700 £1,000

Rhagor o wybodaeth am ffioedd dysgu a blaendaliadau, gan gynnwys ar gyfer myfyrwyr rhan-amser a pharhaus.

Cymorth ariannol

Gallai cymorth ariannol fod ar gael ar gyfer unigolion sy'n bodloni rhai meini prawf. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth yn ein hadran arian. Dim ond hyn a hyn o gymorth ariannol y gall y ffynonellau hyn eu cynnig, felly ni allwn warantu y bydd pawb sy'n bodloni'r meini prawf yn cael arian.

Costau ychwanegol

Costau byw

Rydym wedi ein lleoli yn un o ddinasoedd mwyaf fforddiadwy y DU. Rhagor o wybodaeth am gostau byw yng Nghaerdydd.

Gyrfaoedd graddedigion

Mae dros 500 o glinigwyr a gweithwyr iechyd proffesiynol eraill wedi ymuno â'n cyrsiau o bob cwr o'r byd. Mae llawer o raddedigion yn defnyddio'r wybodaeth a gyflwynir ar y cwrs i newid eu dulliau addysgu mewn ffyrdd arloesol. Mae eraill yn mynd ymlaen i swyddi uwch a rhagor o gyfrifoldeb dros arwain a hyrwyddo rhagoriaeth mewn dysgu ac addysgu ar lefel genedlaethol a rhyngwladol.

Dyma beth sydd gan rai o'n cynfyfyrwyr i'w ddweud am sut mae'r cwrs wedi bod o fudd iddyn nhw'n broffesiynol...

“Ychydig fisoedd ar ôl cwblhau MSc, cefais fy mhenodi yn Arweinydd y Diploma mewn Dermatoleg Ymarferol (DPD) ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd. Mae'r DPD yn gwrs dysgu o bell ar-lein ac mae 300 o feddygon teulu yn dilyn y cwrs bob blwyddyn ac mae cyllideb flynyddol o £1miliwn ar ei gyfer. Erbyn hyn rwy’n arwain tîm cydlynu sy’n cynnwys 4 o weinyddwyr, technolegydd dysgu a thros 80 o diwtoriaid allanol. Bydd cynnwys cynhwysfawr MSc Addysg Feddygol Prifysgol Caerdydd, gan gynnwys y modiwlau ar asesu a gwerthuso cyrsiau, yn ddefnyddiol iawn i mi bob dydd.” 
John Ingram, Ymgynghorydd Dermatoleg, y DU

"Ers dychwelyd i Wlad Thai lle rwy'n feddyg teulu ac yn ddarlithydd yn y Gyfadran Meddygaeth ym Mhrifysgol Tywysog Songkla (PSU), rwy’n falch dros ben fy mod wedi gallu defnyddio cymaint o’r wybodaeth, y sgiliau a'r profiadau a gefais yng Nghaerdydd er mwyn gwella’r addysg feddygol yma. Rwyf wedi sefydlu'r Grŵp Diddordeb Addysg Feddygol Thai i alluogi rhwydweithio cymdeithasol ymhlith y gymuned feddygol. Rwyf hefyd wedi bod yn cydweithio â'r Uned Addysg Feddygol yn fy ysgol meddygaeth i ddatblygu gwefan Adnoddau Addysg Feddygol PSU i ddarparu mynediad hawdd at wybodaeth ddibynadwy am addysg feddygol. Rwy'n falch iawn o'r fenter hon sydd heb os wedi'i hategu gan yr addysg a gefais drwy'r MSc yng Nghaerdydd.” 
Krishna Suvarnabhumi, Meddyg Teulu, Prifysgol y Tywysog Songkia, Gwlad Thai

"Roedd yn gwrs egnïol a atgyfnerthodd fy sgiliau addysgu ac mae wedi rhoi hwb sylweddol i mi yn broffesiynol ac yn bersonol. Mae'r cwrs wedi'i gynllunio a'i drefnu'n dda iawn ac mae'n cael ei addysgu gan arbenigwyr blaenllaw yn y maes hwn. Roedd staff y rhaglen yn gefnogol iawn ac yn cydnabod ein cefndiroedd amrywiol. Am yr holl resymau hynny, byddwn yn argymell y cwrs hwn yn fawr i unrhyw un sy'n bwriadu gwella ei yrfa fel addysgwr ym maes y proffesiwn iechyd.” 
Yaser Zeitoun, Deintydd, DU

"Roedd dod i Brifysgol Caerdydd ar gyfer fy MSc mewn Addysg Feddygol yn un o'r penderfyniadau gorau rydw i wedi’u gwneud. Mae'r rhaglen MSc wedi'i strwythuro a'i chynllunio mor dda fel ei bod yn eich herio go iawn heb fod yn ormod. Yn broffesiynol, mae wedi cael dylanwad aruthrol ar fy ngyrfa fel academydd. Rwy'n teimlo'n fwy hyderus nawr fel athro a hwylusydd dysgu. Mae'r MSc wedi fy helpu i symud ymlaen fel academydd. Fe'm penodwyd yn Ddirprwy Gyfarwyddwr Sicrhau Ansawdd ar gyfer fy sefydliad ac rwyf wedi cael fy nyrchafu'n Bennaeth Adran ac Athro Cyswllt yn dilyn fy MSc o Gaerdydd. Mae’r datblygiad hwn wedi digwydd i raddau helaeth o ganlyniad i’r radd Meistr o Brifysgol Caerdydd, ac roedd hi’n fraint cael dysgu gan y tiwtoriaid gwych.”
Syed Hammad Hassan, Deintydd, Pacistan

"Rwy'n credu y bydd y cwrs yn cael effaith fawr ar fy ngyrfa ac ar fy mywyd. Rwyf bellach wedi cael fy ngwahodd i fod ar bwyllgor addysg a hyfforddiant Cymdeithas Llawfeddygaeth Prydain (BSSH). Ar hyn o bryd rydym yn datblygu cwricwlwm ar gyfer llawdriniaeth i'w ddefnyddio ochr yn ochr ag e-ddysgu ar raglenni iechyd. Mae hwn yn brosiect cyffrous. Ni fyddwn byth wedi breuddwydio am allu bod yn rhan ohono flwyddyn yn ôl.”
Jill Webb, Llawfeddyg Ymgynghorol Cosmetig, y DU


Ysgoloriaethau Rhagoriaeth Meistr

Dyfarniad o £3000 sy'n agored i holl fyfyrwyr y DU a'r UE sy'n bwriadu astudio un o'n cyrsiau Meistr ôl-raddedig.

Cyllid Graddau Meistr Ôl-raddedig

Os ydych yn ddarpar fyfyriwr gradd Meistr ac yn dechrau eich gradd meistr ym mis Medi 2020 neu’n hwyrach, gallech wneud cais ar gyfer benthyciad ôl-raddedig ar gyfer eich gradd ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd.

Cynllun Gostyngiad i Gynfyfyrwyr

Mae'r gostyngiad i gynfyfyrwyr ar gael i raddedigion Prifysgol Caerdydd sy'n bwriadu dechrau rhaglen Meistr gymwys yn 2022/23.

Camau nesaf


Ymweliadau Diwrnod Agored

Cofrestrwch ar gyfer gwybodaeth am ein dyddiadau yn 2022.

Gwnewch ymholiad

Cysylltwch â ni am ragor o wybodaeth am y cwrs hwn.


Mwy o wybodaeth am ein prifysgol fyd-eang.

Rhagor o wybodaeth

Pynciau cysylltiedig: Deintyddiaeth, Addysg, Gofal iechyd, Addysg feddygol a deintyddol, Meddygaeth

Data HESA: Hawlfraint yr Asiantaeth Ystadegau Addysg Uwch Cyfyngedig 2021. Ni all yr Asiantaeth Ystadegau Addysg Uwch Cyfyngedig dderbyn cyfrifoldeb am unrhyw gasgliadau neu benderfyniadau sy'n deillio o drydydd partïon o'i data. Daw'r data o Arolwg Hynt Graddedigion Diweddaraf 2018/19 a gyhoeddwyd gan HESA ym mis Mehefin 2021.