Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Diafoliaid a Gwrachod
Joseph Glanvill, Saducismus triumphatus, (Llundain, 1700) manylion y wynebddalen.

Ysgrifeniadau amrywiol yn cynnwys gweithiau cyfandirol, gweithiau am gythreuliaeth a thraethodynnau crefyddol yn gysylltiedig â themâu sy’n berthnasol i gythreuliaeth neu'r theori sy'n sail i gredoau dewiniaeth.

Nodwch bod iaith y rhestr isod yn dibynnu ar iaith y ffynhonnell ei hun.

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Clarke, Samuel, A mirrour or looking-glasse, both for saints, and sinners: held forth in some thousands of examples; wherein is presented, as Gods wonderful mercies to the one, so his severe judgments against the other. Collected out of the most classique authors, both ancient, and modern, with some late examples observed by my self, and others. Whereunto are added a Geographical description of all the countries in the known world: as also the wonders of God in nature; and the rare, stupendious, and costly works made by the art, and industry of man. As the most famous cities, temples, structures, statues, cabinets of rarities, &c. which have been, or are now in the world, (London, 1657). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BV4224.C5.

Cranford, James, An abstract of some late characters. Or, How the principall means appointed for our reformation is become the maine fuell of our wickednes: laid downe in sundry characters of [brace] L. Bishops, dumb dogs, non-residenciaries, men-pleasers, unpreaching ministers, that edify to damnation ; by their [brace] scandalous living, false wresting [and] mis-applying the Scripture : so turning the truth of God into a lye, that they may [brace] discourage the godly, incourage the wicked. In which the blind world may see to their shame how Satan guls them with a multitude of misprisions and false surmises against the godly, that he may barricado their hearts against all good. Necessary to be knowne in these times of discovery, (London, 1643). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BR304.C2.

Curzon, Henry, The universal library: or, Compleat summary of science: containing above sixty select treatises. In two volumes. I. Of theology, philosophy, metaphysicks, ethicks, oeconomy, religion, games used at ancient festivals, cosmography, elements, geography, hydrography, travel, government, chronology, history, laws, coins, medals, weights and measures, meteors, rarities, mankind in the different sexes of men and women, physick, chyrurgery, chymistry, cookery and dyet. II. Of animals, vegetables and agriculture, gems, metals, grammar and languages, hieroglyphicks, poetry, logick, rhetorick, musick, arithmetick, geometry, architecture, surveying, gauging, dyalling, navigation; the military art, fortification, gunnery, astronomy, astrology, augury, magick, mathematical magick, dreams and apparitions heraldry, painting, colours and dying, opticks, angling, fowling, inventions, ignorance in the ancients, and errors among the people. With divers secrets, experiments and curiosities therein, (London, 1712). Available at SCOLAR@Newport Road: Ask at desk, Carmarthen Collection,  AG104.C8 1712.

Defoe, Daniel, The secrets of the invisible world disclos'd: or, An universal history of apparitions sacred and profane, under all denominations; whether angelical, diabolical, or human souls departed. With a great variety of surprising and diverting examples, never publish'd before : also shewing how we may distinguish between the apparitions of good and evil spirits, and how we ought to behave to them, (London The second edition. 1735). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BF1445.D3.

Defoe, Daniel, The history of the Devil, as well antient as modern: in two parts. Part I. Containing a state of the Devil's circumstances, and the various Turns of his Affairs; from his expulsion out of Heaven, to the creation of man; with Remarks on the several Mistakes concerning the Reason and Manner of his Fall. Also his Proceedings with Mankind ever since Adam, to the first planting of the Christian Religion in the World. Part II. Containing his more private conduct, down to the present times: His Government, his Appearances, his Manner of Working, and the Tools he works with. In which is included, a description of the Devil's dwelling, vulgarly called Hell, (London, 1728?). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BT980.D3 1728.

Elton, Edward, Three excellent and pious treatises: Viz. 1. The complaint of a sanctified sinner. 2. The triumph of a true Christian. 3. The great mystery of Godliness opened. In Sunday sermons, upon the whole seventh, eight, and ninth chapters of the Epistle to the Romans, (London,1653). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BS2665.E5.

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Heylyn, Peter, Keimēlia ekklēsiastika: The historical and miscellaneous tracts of the reverend and learned Peter Heylyn: now collected into one volume : I. Ecclesia vindicata ... II. The history of the sabbath ... III. Historia quinquarticularis ... IV. The stumbling-block of disobedience and rebellion ... to which are added V. A treatise de jure partitatis episcoporum ... : and an account of the life of the author, never before published : with an exact table to the whole, (London,1681). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX5037.H3.

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Jones, Thomas, Elymas the sorcerer: or, A memorial towards the discovery of the bottom of this Popish-Plot; and how far his R. Highness's directors have been faithful to his honour and interest, or the peace of the nation: publish'd upon occasion of a passage in the late Dutchess of York's declaration for changing her religion, (London, 1682). Salisbury Folio WG30(1682).

Keach, Benjamin, War with the devil, or, The young mans conflict with the powers of darknes : in a dialogue ; discovering the corruption and vanity of youth, the horrible nature of sin, and deplorable condition of fallen-man. Also, a definition, power, and rule of conscience, and the nature of true conversion. To which is added, an appendix containing a dialogue between an old apostate and a young professor, worthy the perusal of all, but chiefly intended for the instruction of the younger-sort, (London, the third edition much enlarged.1675). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, PR3539.K13.W2.

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Mayer, John, A commentary upon the holy writings of Job, David, and Solomon: that is, these five, Job, Psalmes, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs. Being part of those which by the antients were called Hagiographa. Wherein the diverse translations, and expositions, both literall and mysticall, of all the most famous commentators, both ancient and modern, are propounded, examined, and censured: and the texts from the originall much illustrated. For the singular benefit of all that bee studious of the Holy Scriptures, (London, 1653). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BS1308.A5.M2.

More, Henry, A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity: the first part, containing a careful and impartial delineation of the true idea of Antichristianism in the real and genuine members thereof, such as are indeed opposite to the indispensable purposes of the Gospel of Christ, and to the interest of his kingdome, (London, 1664). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BT70.M6.

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Rowland, William, Judiciall astrologie, judicially condemned: upon a survey and examination of Sr. Christopher Heydons apology for it, in answer to Mr. Chambers, and of Will. Ramsey's morologie in his pretended reply (called Lux veritatis) to Doctour Nathanael Homes his Demonologie. Together with the testimonies of Mr. W. Perkins Resolution to the countrey-man; Mr. John Miltons [i.e. Sir John Melton's] Figure-caster; and Dr. Homes his Demonologie, all here exhibited against it, seconded and backed by 1. Evident scripture 2. Apparent reason, (London, 1652). Salisbury WG30(1652).

Salis, Summa casuum conscientiae quae, (1488). Cardiff Rare Books: Incunabula

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Scot, Reginald, Scot's Discovery of vvitchcraft: proving the common opinions of witches contracting with divels, spirits, or familiars; and their power to kill, torment, and consume the bodies of men women, and children, or other creatures by diseases or otherwise; their flying in the air &c. To be but imaginary erronious conceptions and novelties; wherein also, the lewde unchristian practises of witchmongers, upon aged, melancholy, ignorant, and superstious people in extorting confessions, by inhumane terrors and tortures is notably detected. Also the knavery and confederacy of conjurors. The impious blasphemy of inchanters. The imposture of soothsayers, and infidelity of atheists. The delusion of pythonists, figure-casters, astrologers, and vanity of dreamers. The fruitlesse beggerly art of Alchimistry. The horrible art of poisoning and all the tricks and conveyances of juggling and liegerdemain are fully deciphered. With many other things opened that have long lain hidden: though very necessary to be known for the undeceiving of judges, justices, and juries, and for the preservation of poor, aged, deformed, ignorant people; frequently taken, arraigned, condemned and executed for witches, when according to a right understanding, and a good conscience, physick, food, and necessaries should be administered to them. Whereunto is added, a treatise upon the nature, and substance of spirits and divels &c. all written and published in anno 1584, (London, 1651) Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BF1581.A2.S2 1651.

Sinistrari, Luigi Maria, Demoniality, ed., Montague Summers, [16??], (London, Fortune Press, 1927). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Private Presses Octavos, BF1556.S4.

Turner, William, A compleat history of the most remarkable providences, both of judgment and mercy, which have hapned in this present age: Extracted from the best writers, the author's own observations, and the numerous relations sent him from divers parts of the three kingdoms. To which is added, whatever is curious in the works of nature and art. The whole digested into one volume, under proper heads; being a work set on foot thirty years ago, by the Reverend Mr. Pool, author of the Synopsis criticorum: and since undertaken and finish'd, (London, 1697). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BT135.T8.

Willet, Andrew, An harmonie vpon the first booke of Samuel: wherein according to the methode and order obserued in Hexapla vpon Genesis and Exodus, but more compendiously abridged, these speciall things are obserued vpon euery chapter. The diuers readings compared, doubtfull questions explaned, places of Scripture reconciled, controversies briefly touched, and morall collections applyed. VVherein aboue fowre hundred theologicall questions are handled, with great breuitie, and much varietie, (Cambridge, 1614). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BS1325.W4.

Worthington, William, An impartial enquiry into the case of the gospel demoniacks: with an appendix consisting of an essay on Scripture demonology, (London, 1777). Salisbury (WG30(1777).