Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Education, skills and labour markets

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Exploring the links between education and careers, skills and labour.

We have a long tradition of exploring the ‘knowledge economy’ and the relationship between education, skills and labour markets at different life-course stages, in different employment sectors and for different professions.

Projects have explored the links between education, skills and the labour market from a number of directions. We have particular strengths in the ‘political arithmetic’ of education outcomes. For example, we have used linked datasets to explore the significance of careers education and to examine school and area level effects in widening participation in higher education.

We also undertake horizon-scanning research on the changing nature of work, the growth of artificial intelligence and the changing skills requirement, as well as exploring the consequences of globalisation on key employment sectors, such as the shipping industry.

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