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Education Research Group

The Education Research Group (ERG) covers a wide range of research interests and disciplinary areas that address the needs of and demands on education in contemporary societies around the world.

The aim of the ERG is to facilitate debate and discussion on different aspects of education and promote research collaboration. Principal areas of interest include the development of education and skills policy and policy outcomes, situated learning (from the nursery and classroom, through to college, university and the workplace), the structures and organisation of and participation in education and training, and the multi-faceted relationships between education, children, adults, families, communities, work and government and non-government institutions.

The Education Research Group meets regularly throughout the academic year with the aim of:

  • Establishing an agenda for developing a coherent research strategy and set of research objectives organised around the interests of education related staff.
  • Bringing researchers together, from across Social Sciences, who share an interest in education research.

The ERG organises research seminars (by staff and external speakers), as well as roundtable discussions on themes and theorists, where staff share and exchange ideas with PhD researchers. The same forum is used as a place for PhD researchers to present their research.