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Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Binaural Recording

Undertaking research utilising the innovative potential afforded by new technologies.

Researchers from across our three Colleges are exploring the use of new technology in their work.

This research group is open to all those at Cardiff University who are interested in the potential of VR, AR and binaural recording. The group is also keen to connect with those outside the University, whether they are technology users, businesses, creatives, health professionals or other researchers.

Those in the group have already been using these technologies on various projects connected to, for example, digital journalism, vertigo and dizziness rehabilitation, support for the hearing-impaired, 3D modelling for architecture, drones and autonomous systems, exhibitions, and virtual rehabilitation in hospitals and homes.

This is an interdisciplinary research group including people, so far, from:

It is affiliated with the Creative Cardiff Research Network.

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The Creative Labour and Cultural Production research group and the Festivals Research Group are also affiliated with the Creative Cardiff Research Network.

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