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Astroglia Cell Biology

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The Siebzehnrubl group investigates transcriptional regulation of cell plasticity in normal and transformed astrocytes.

The primary stem cells of the brain are astrocytic, and even parenchymal astrocytes can acquire stem cell traits under certain circumstances. This capacity for cellular plasticity appears to also contribute to the aggressiveness of astrocytic cancers. The most prominent type of these – glioblastoma – is also the most frequent and most lethal malignant brain cancer in adults.

The Siebzehnrubl lab aims to understand how transcription factors regulate plasticity of both glioblastoma cells and normal astrocytes at the tumour/brain interface to promote tumour invasion and therapy resistance. This will identify new therapeutic targets to eradicate cancer cells that are refractory to conventional treatments.

Group lead

Dr Florian Siebzehnrubl